Coke commercial with Mya

What is she saying?
It sounds like she is saying “Try to make it real compared to what?”
But, that doesn’t make sense, is she saying “compared to us?”

Does that mean she is fake as opposed to real??

I’m so confused! What does this commercial mean?? I know coke is the “real” thing…but…still.

I can’t remember, but I know that if you have the captions on on your tv, the lyrics do show up.

And the way she sings that line is like fingernails on chalkboard to me.

I always thought she said “Try to make it real compared to what?” which I, too, think makes absolutly no sense. gives the lyrics as follows:

Try to make it real compared to what
Gotta get to me know
They say money make a man strange
Is it money or he don’t understand change?
Funny to be real we campaign
If it’s you then just do your thang thang
Maintain who we are as the game change
Everybody wanna star it’s the same game
I ain’t travel this far to do the same thang
It’s a trip how the real now is mainstream.

The real can’t be bought or sold, taught or told
The boy tried to keep it but he lost his soul
On the road to riches but he lost control
‘bout the eye of the needle I was often told
If you stand for nothing, you’ll fall for the gold
In ya actions all is told
You in the game, gotta have ball control
You see fame is all a role
Through lights, action, carpet and camera snappin’
Pop life, is it a demand for passion?
Are we really real or are we actin’?
Where do the fake smiles and masks end?

To my people keep rockin’ on…
To my people keep rockin’ on

Have yet to find an explaination of what that line means, except to imply that Coke, like J. Lo, is real.

Thanks Wisp00!

I didn’t think it could actually be the real lyric! It makes more sense in the lyrics that you posted, but makes no sense in the words of the commercial. At least I know I’m not the only one that thinks the commercial makes no sense!

Give the poor girl something to compare it to!

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