Coke machine stupidity

All I wanted was a cool refreshing bottle of Coca Cola to accompany my PB&J.

I walked up to the machine, grumbling at the fact that the price had recently been bumped up from $1.00/bottle to $1.25
Oh well…

I dug deep into my pocket and withdrew a handful of nickels and dimes. Since I wanted to get rid of the most weight possible I started feeding the machine my nickels.

“Credit: .45”


I then started putting in dimes. The machine wouldn’t take them. They went straight through and fell in the coin return slot.

Fine. Gimme back my nickels then.

I pressed “Coin Return” with absolutely no effect.

Ok. So it doesn’t like dimes, but I didn’t want to lose my credit. Where can I get some quarters?
I spied the snack machine to the right of the Coke machine: after risking a single dime to test its own coin return, I deposited five dimes, hit the coin return button, and was rewarded with two quarters. Bingo!

I inserted my two quarters in the Coke machine.

“Credit: .95”

Ok. No more nickels, so I figured I would just convert five more dimes into quarters, and so I did. I deposited two more quarters.

“Credit: 1.45”

Now I pressed the button for my beverage of choice.

“Please deposit exact change”

WTF? The “Use Exact Change” light wasn’t even lit.

I leaned on the “Coke” button again, hoping I could convince it to give me the darned thing and keep the change. Instead, it spit out 5 quarters.

“Credit: .00”


Having just been calmly relieved of my extra .20, I brazenly dropped the quarters back into the machine and purchased my beverage.

Got a good laugh out of it, so I feel I did come out ahead in the end.

How long did it take you to work that post out?

So many coins…

Only about as long as the original transaction took (5min) – a short time to write a post, but a long time to stand in front of a maching fussing around with dimes.

Vending machines and printers… two things that realy should have all the kinks worked out of them by now.

The machine was trying to subtly tell you that the only proper drink with a PB&J is milk, not a Coke.