Cola With Lemon and Lime

What is virgin rum? Virgin Islands Rum?

I’d always read that they’re essentially spiced citrus sodas, in much the same way that Dr. Pepper/Mr. Pibb are both spiced cherry sodas, so adding lemon or lime is just changing the balance more than it’s adding new flavors.

Dr Pepper is more almond, but that’s a flavor we associate with cherries, too (like Maraschinos).

No, a virgin drink is one without alcohol. To get a diet coke with lemon/lime wedges he orders a virgin rum & diet coke. It’s a joke, sort of.

Thing is, they actually do have non alcoholic rum. And, no, I have not tried it nor are my expectations high. They are supposed to be, from my understanding, used primarily in mixed drinks. I can see a non alcoholic gin working maybe. In my experience NA beers have gotten to being good, NA wine is just god awful from what I w tried so far, and I haven’t even touched the NA spirits.

I just finished a 12-pack of Dr Pepper cream soda. It was really good, but I didn’t see it again when I went to the supermarket yesterday. I hope it hasn’t been discontinued.

My dad spent a lot of time shmoozing in cocktail lounges, even though he was a teetotaler. (He was pals with some entertainers.) He took me with him sometimes, so I was introduced to Shirley Temples at an early age. (They were occasionally called Hopalong Cassidys.)

I now keep Grenadine, cherry syrup, and vanilla extract in my pantry, so I can mix my own kiddie cocktails whenever I want.

They may have been confusing it with the drink that is made up of Coke, Rum, and Lime juice, which is called a Cuba Libre.

Or, as I knew them in my youth, Kiddie Cocktails.

No, they were not confusing these with ones containing rum. Now I’m trying to remember what they call Cuba Libres in Cuba. I think the bartender was perhaps either trying to coin a new word for diet cola with added flavour, or be pretentious. But maybe he was parroting something he was told - it’s not like I know if there is a word used commonly, and it is hardly out of the realm of possibility.

I’ve been buying it for a long time now, and it’s still available. I only buy the zero sugar version, though.

Finally, an apropos moment to reference one of my favorite—or at least, most imprinted-upon—Pit threads of all time. (And I mean “all time”, good heavens, that thread from November 2001 is almost old enough to have alcohol in its cola instead of citrus.)

For 20+ years I have been humming that song parody line whenever I add citrus (lemon or lime, I am not a purist on the matter) to cola.

That was 21 years ago?!

Fffffffffuuck I feel old, now