Cold leg sensations

I was sitting at my computer just a few minutes ago and, all of a sudden and for no reason I can think of, I got a strange sensation in my right leg. It felt as though a stream of cold air was passing over it. The sensation lasted for a few minutes and then stopped. My left leg is fine. I’ve already booked a doctors appointment (can’t be too careful), but I’d be keen to know if this kind of isolated and temporary sensation is common, and if it can be symptomatic of anything serious. If it helps, I’m a 25 year old guy with no serious pre-existing conditions.

Thanks in advance.

I may not have gone into enough detail about the sensation. If it helps: [ul]

[li] It felt like a stream of cold air passing over my right leg.[/li][li] My leg experienced a kind of ‘deep’, subcutaneous chill.[/li][li] There was no pain.[/li][li] It went away after a few minutes.[/li][li] Getting under a blanket didn’t help.[/li] It came on very suddenly.[/ul]

Sounds quite like the freeze/breeze feeling I get from pressure on a nerve, so my thought is that it’s a posture related knotted muscle.

It’s good that it went away. I’d seek medical attention only if it keeps recurring, because you said it’s not painful.

Some thoughts:

[li]Are you sitting on your wallet?[/li][li]Did you get a new chair?[/li][li]How long were sitting in front of the computer?[/li][li]What’s your posture like?[/li][li]Any change in action around the computer, like frequently leaning over to refer to something?[/li][/ul]

Actually my posture isn’t very good, and my chair, while serviceable, isn’t especially comfortable or supportive of my lower back. That could be it. And freeze/breeze is a very apt way of describing what I felt. I’ll still see the doctor, just to be sure, but I have a hunch you might’ve solved it. Cheers.