Cold November Pain (Monthly Mini-Rants)

A new month, a new thread for griping about crap.

Months ago my mother-in-law asked if we’d go to a concert with her. I said yes, encouraging her to go ahead with her plan. So, she bought tickets and this Thursday we will be going to see . . .Three Dog Night. The absolute last 60s/70s band I’d ever want to see.

Jeremiah was a bullfrog… :notes:

Why does this shit stick in my head?


You can always help your mother-in-law drink her wine, that might help you get through it.

Damn you! (Shakes fist) thanks for that going on in my head😄!

Last night the local news programs announcers were all excited because we had a one of our rare chances of seeing the northern lights. But, just like every other time, clouds covered the sky from evening onwards.

I’ve already seen an “early Black Friday” advertisement. Soon we will need a new name for “real Black Friday.”

…could be a post in a thread titled "It must piss off that band/artist that they did some great music, but all that gets played nowadays is that one insipid song!"

Three Dog Night’s version of Chest Fever is great, as is their Easy To Be Hard and Try A Little Tenderness. All covers, but some of them get close to the brilliance of the originals…

Here’s Chest Fever live… off a great live album with none of their stupid “novelty” songs. Ahhh… that organ. Hammond B3 with a leslie, growling about the two minute mark…

My non-censored news sources are iffy at best when not using a VPN and just slightly better when using a VPN. So, thanks a million for giving absolutely no notice, Yahoo!, when you decided that you’ll no longer be available in mainland China “effective November 1, 2021”. (In reality, that was November 2nd. Yes, I know the site’s more of a news aggregator than a news site itself; however, that is–or was–the attraction for me. I’m also finding myself wondering why this change in the first place.

In a follow-up to my furniture donation drama… They accepted everything but the headboard, because they’ll only accept complete beds. Ok.

This made me wonder…where is the rest of the bed? I wasn’t even aware the headboard still existed until Mom found it while cleaning out her closet last year. There was never a footboard, but there was a metal bedframe. I vaguely recall someone taking the mattress when we were packing up my childhood home, so maybe they took the frame.

I’ll hope for the best.

I always loved Boz Scaggs, but never saw him in person. Then he came to Johnstown for a music festival, but four songs in and a rainstorm happened(but a stagehand with a laptop told him when the rain would begin and Boz started Rainy Night In Georgia right when the drops started).

I went out of my way to find him at an indoor venue a year later. He did two long sets, but one set was entirely his “new” music, which I didn’t know existed.

My wife bought tickets to see America (“Horse with No Name,” “Sister Golden Hair,” etc.) a couple of years ago, a band which I had less than zero interest in seeing. But when she couldn’t line up anyone to go with her, I said what the hell and went along.

Know what? Those guys killed it.

HAH!!! My gf was at The Palace Theater in Greensburg last night to see…The (surviving) Monkees. She asked me to go with her, but I had to wash my hair. She asked a few other people, but no. She ended up going with her brother, but he only agreed when she offered to buy him dinner before the concert.

I was being responsible, getting health tests and whatnot, and now I’ve been called back for more imaging after my mammogram. Someone didn’t get the memo everything should be just normal and non-worrisome.

I’ve got a neighbor who lives for live music. Now I did go to a couple of outdoor concerts this summer (distanced, with a breeze:). But now, as the weather gets cold, he’s doing indoor music. And trying to gt me to come along.

Every day he stops by with news of another “can’t miss concert event of the decade”, and every day I look scared and say I’m not ready for mosh pits yet.

(I’ve avoided saying “Covid super-spreader mosh pits”; don’t want to harsh his music mellow.)

Heh. I have a very good friend who LOVES the Monkees. She even wrote a book about their TV show.

Is she in western Pennsylvania by any chance? My gf told me she was seated behind a woman who was a fount of Monkees info.

No, wrong coast. But she probably would have hopped on a plane if offered a ticket!

“How much more black can it get. And the answer is no … more black” Friday

Holy Shit! When did Rob Gronkowski get a spot on every motherfucking television commercial??
Fuck off “Gronk”, nobody likes you, you even make YOUR GRANDMA SICK!!!

I have a relatively new boss. Yesterday she asked me to set up some interviews, so I got started on that. Apparently everything I have done so far is wrong. I shouldn’t have passed on all the information I was given. I shouldn’t have allowed the participants so many choices. I shouldn’t have scheduled that date. I still have to do this task, but frankly I’m afraid to touch it right now.

And this has nothing to do with the above, but I’ve had like one other encounter with this woman. Last week I saw her in the hallway. She was standing there looking outside through the glass door. Out on the sidewalk was a cat. He is a stray cat that lives in the bushes around the building, and of course people feed him and pet him, he’s very nice. She told me, “I don’t like that cat.” :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Really? What the fuck is wrong with you, lady?