Remember, remember! The rants of November, The Election treason and plot. (minirants)

I have had the same earworm continuously for the last two week.

Not the whole song. Just the refrain. Over and over and over.

Pilot of the airwaves
Here is my request
You don’t have to play it
But I hope you’ll do your best
I’ve been listening to your show
On the radio
And you seem like a friend to me

You’re welcome. Enjoy.

As to the title. It doesn’t matter who wins the election, the other side is going to cry fowl.



“Gobble, gobble, gobble!” ?

Found out Kayla’s semester ends the first week of December, rather than the last week of November. So, barring a last-minute invitation from a niece or nephew, this will be my first alone Thanksgiving and wedding anniversary in thirty years.


Well that truly sucks. Hope that something comes up for you. Maybe she can Skype in or something?

I’m at the age when I think about what I would do if I was suddenly alone after all these years. Being alone on Thanksgiving for the first time in 30 years is so sad and sadly romantic at the same time. You loved so well for so long and now its gone.

I think I’m going to go hug my spouse of longer than 30 years just to annoy him and make myself fell slightly less sad.

Hugs to kaylasdad!

Gee, now I feel guilty for looking forward to a lonely Thanksgiving.

We usually have a crowd from all over the country in our tiny house, for days, sleeping in every square inch. But half of the family works in hospitals, so everyone’s being careful. So no over-stimulation and cooking stresses this year.

You do that.

Give him an extra Doper squeeze and let him know it’s from me.

(Give yourself one, too.)


kaylasdad, hugs to you.

My rant is indeed mini. I was going to complain that this Thanksgiving will be all kinds of suck as well. My mom is having her surgery next week to cut out the tumor in her throat. I’ll spend my birthday in the hospital with her, and my daughter’s (which is the next day) driving back and forth from the hospital to take care of mom, eat ice cream cake and do my best to make things seem normal. Thanksgiving may well be spent cleaning and changing feeding tubes while we pretend to enjoy the store-bought meal I’ll get. I dread it, but not as much as I dread Christmas, which is around the time mom will start her radiation therapy and possibly chemo.

I can’t wait until this long nightmare is over - including this election tomorrow. Which will probably be a whole other level of shit on top of a shit cake with shit frosting.

Also, if my brother in law doesn’t stop texting me, demanding to know how our state positivity rate could be so high (“Is this true, overly? How is this happening?” I don’t fucking know, you jackass.), I’m going to ask my sister to throttle him.

Block him, you have enough shit to deal with. Later tell him your phone settings were wonky. Or just respond to his texts with an innocuous non sequitur, let him shake his head.

Yes, I know it’s wise to get the yearly flu shot, and I did, but the “senior” version they gave me pretty much laid me out for three days. That can’t be right.

Oddly, you want it to. That was your immune system’s ramped up response which will be protective of you if you encounter the flu virus this season. Think of it as the vaccine joining forces with you to kick ass.

FWIW, I had more of a whammy this year too, but I welcomed it. Beats the alternative. Glad to hear you were able to locate the geezer variety, I had to hunt around for it here.

I’m getting my geezer flu shot next week. Good to know what I’m in for.

I got my sr. shot a couple weeks ago – no reaction whatsoever. So, who knows?

This year’s vaccine is not messing around. I got the regular dose shot back at the end of September and it knocked me out for a day. First time that’s happened since I started getting the shot every year.

Last time I got the regular vaccine, and felt like I had a full-on flu for two days.

Last week, I got the Geezer shot, and had zero symptoms.
(My Mileage Might Vary, I guess…)

I was sore and achy for a couple of days after my shot, but I’m old and have a really bad hip. I’m always sore and achy so don’t know if it was the shot or just me having a bad day.

I always get sick for several days after a flu shot. Thus, I usually don’t anymore. To me, the certainty of feeling that rotten for several days, when I have at least a decent chance of not catching a flu that bad, is just not worth it. My personal idiosycrasies are of course not general medical advice.

I tend toward odd reactions anyway. Acetaminophen can put me to sleep.

I heard an ad on the radio today for one of the California propositions. It started out, “The special interests are at it again.” And then it ended with “Paid for by California’s ranchers, farmers, and dairies.” Uh, those are special interests.

Not all that long ago I was very thin, possibly even underweight. Then I started to develop middle-age spread, a pudge around the belly. My limbs remained fairly gangly, and in comparison to others I still thought I came off in better shape than average. However, I never weighed myself, as I didn’t really care all that much.

That pudge did start to get bigger, and fluctuate a lot, once I hit my mid 40s. I also went through a depression, which almost certainly contributed to some additional laziness and comfort-eating.

A couple of days ago, my housemate pointed out that we now owned a scale and I could weigh myself if I wished. I thought, what the hell, that might be interesting to know.

Bloody hell! I am 95kg! That’s like 210 pounds! What the what? That can’t be right! I’m skinny! Aren’t I? Surely! What?

Now I feel guilty, am seriously considering going on a diet, exercising more! I shouldn’t have to do that! I’m fine! I have nobody to please but myself! Why am I thinking those things?

Just stepping on a scale has suddenly changed my whole mindset on my health!

I am very annoyed.

One of my students is a personal trainer. She says NEVER weigh yourself. The goal is to be healthy, in shape and happy. Not skinny.