Coldplay video

There’s a good music video (so I’m told) by Coldplay that has these two puppets interacting on top of a building.

Does anyone know to what songthis video is to and where I can see the video online?

I don’t recall any Coldplay videos with two puppets; there’s one where the band are puppetlike figures in a precipitation model - does that sound familiar?

I thought the first Coldplay video - for Yellow - was amazing, it was one continuous shot of the guy walking along a beach and singing. At least I presume it was continuous. I would be interesting to know how they faked that, but the chances of such a long shot perfect in one go seem quite low.

ice, it is not a video, I think, but an ad for MTV2. Yellow puppet in one side of the streets write a letter to his love (another puppet) in the other side. Puppet is watching Coldplay videos on MTV2. He writes “Yellow”, and sends it as a paper plane. It crashes, and the puppet is sad. Then he receives a message from the other puppet (via paper plane), with the name of the recent Coldplay single.

Yellow is the best song ever!!!

‘your skin, oh yeah your skin and bones, turn in-to something beautiful’

More to the point how does Chris Martin sing in real time while the video to the Scientist plays backwards?

ice: I’m not sure, but it might be the new video “The Scientist”
I admit, I have not seen it yet, but soon it will be played again and again…:rolleyes:

istara:That “guy” is named…Guy, and is the vocalist of Coldplay.

montezuma: Damn straight.:smiley:

Cafe Society?

I’ve been wondering this. For those that haven’t seen it, the whole video runs backwards, including the singer running/jumping backwards, but he’s lip-syncing to the song forwards. I wonder if he just learnt to mime to the sounds of the song being played backwards (the video doesn’t show him singing for huge lengths of time), or if there’s some more technical trickery going on. Anyone know?

Hmm - this site suggests that he did just mime backwards.

His name’s Chris Martin. He’s also seeing Gwyneth Paltrow. Not bad.

Yeah I saw that in The Sun earlier and now I have totally gone off Coldplay because I can’t stand Paltrow. Back to the Spice Girls for me…

Ugh. The five horsewomen of the apocalypse.

Sorry, that really wasn’t a very useful thing to say in GQ, was it?

You may be able to find some Coldplay video clips via this link.

Oh, ohkay. My mistake!
Is there a guy named “Guy” in the band? I thought I saw someone by that name in the latest cd booklet.

Yes, the bassist is called Guy Berryman.