Colgate ActiBrush: Disposable?

Anyone know if the batteries in this toothbrush can be replaced? The folks at Wal-Mart last night, were under the impression that this is a disposable brush.

As a result I didn’t buy one, but now it seems that at $25.CDN you should be able to put in new batteries.

What’s the scoop?

Judging by the picture at (click on the "battery operated toothbrush link at the bottom), there are two Energizer AA batteries inside. I assume you can change them. It says they should last for 250 uses.

Although it is not necessarily a disposable item, you will probably want to replace it once the bristles start to wear down too much, as it doesn’t look like it has a replaceable head. I replace my toothbrush about once every 6-12 months.

I bought a similar product called a "“SpinBrush”. It was ~$5.00 U.S. at WalMart. I’ve only seen the two adult models – the slimmer version takes 2 AAA batteries. You can change the batteries on the one I have (It looks jist like the “classic” shown at the link above. I’ve seen them at Walgreen’s as well, so you might want to shop around. The $6.99 price quoted at that website seems steep to me, but is stilll less than the Colgate’s price (in U.S. or Canadian dollars).


Thanks for the replies folks!

Guess it’s off to Wally World again tonight.