Colibri warns for language but not trolling/threadshitting

In the thread here on zombie, and how to deal with them, I told someone to get the “F” over themselves, I was given a warning (my 1st IIRC) yet the person I responded to wasn’t warned for trolling/threadshitting. What gives Colibri?

Might it be because the other person wasn’t trolling and/or threadshitting?

It would be vastly easier for other people to weigh in with their opinions if you were to, you know, give us a link so we know what the hell you’re talking about.

Tail end of this thread.

Here’s my warning from the other thread.

And here’s the exchange:

While Irishman’s remark was a bit snarky, it wasn’t remotely trolling or threadshitting.

I recommend that the OP take a few deep breaths and go post in some other forum for awhile. I’m really not sure why this topic brought on such an over-the-top response from him.

etv78 seems to have some anger issues - he frequently pops off at most any poster that dare post something that vaguely disagrees with his notion of the world. (Note - I realize every poster on the SDMB will every now and then pop off on others they disagree with. But somehow etv78 makes his posts sound like he’s about to run out of the house on a rampage when someone merely suggests that strawberry jelly is better than grape jelly on your PB&J.) I’m surprised he hasn’t pinged your radar.

Strawberry jelly IS better.

The HELL it is!

What the fuck? Strawberry better than grape? Oh, it’s on now. :mad:

This post has been strawberried by the strawberryist.

Nope … doesn’t work for me.

Blackberry rules!

You weren’t warned for language as your title suggests; you were warned for a personal attack. The person you were responding to was a bit snarky, but it wasn’t aimed at anyone in particular, least of all you, since you hadn’t even posted in the thread yet. You came in and greatly upped the level of snark with language, bolding, all caps, and directed it all personally towards that specific poster. See the differences?

I’m aware of his history. But he hadn’t even posted previously to that thread, so it was strange that he apparently perceived Irishman’s remarks to be critical of his opinions.

I think if you really stretched the meaning, that post might be threadshitting. But you’d really have to stretch the meaning. I mean, seriously, what’s the worst that happens if you read or post in a Zombie thread?

But trolling? Holy mother of Zombie Jesus. No way. Even if wracked my BRAAAAAAAINS, I couldn’t make that term stick.

I prefer the strawberry “spreadable fruit”, which is nothing more than strawberries, pureed, without any sugar added. Pure deliciousness, and an intense strawberry flavor without being cloyingly sweet.

That stuff’s good, Lynn - but you gotta be careful to get the good stuff. The mediocre stuff has chunks that are too big.

But blackberry jam? Only if I want to be picking seeds out of my teeth all day.

Definitely and without a doubt.

However, I never had grape jelly, and didn’t even know it existed. Now, I’m intrigued and wonder if I could find it in France.

Works even worse with pears.

Okay, surely this is trolling. What is WRONG with Europe that you produce the best wines in the world, but haven’t ever had grape jelly? Every two-year-old in the United States has had grape jelly. It’s the Nutella of the toddler set. It’s like, there’s normal PB&J, and then there’s PB&J with anything other than grape jelly. Seriously, fix this.

After review, the call on the field is confirmed. Warning for personal attack to** etv78**.

Roll Tide.