Colin Powell is NOT black!

He’s the son of Jamaicans, who think they’re better than blacks, just like everyone else. Stop acting like he’s the black man everyone can agree on.

Hoo boy.

Uh huh. And what brought this little temper-tantrum on?

:eek: :wally :eek:

Right you are. He’s Jamaican, just like Colin Ferguson, who shot up all those white and Asian folks on the Long Island Rail Road because he thought they looked down on, uh …
black people.
Wait, let me start over …

Dam right. He’s orange. But then, my TV is busted some. Wolf Blitzer is blue most days. When I throw my shoe at the damn TV he turns orange. Gets me dam mad, it does. I just don’t know who is what color. That gets me riled up something fierce, you know?

Can… open. Worms…everywhere.

I wonder about that Jamaican weed sometimes. pizzabrat, is it any good?

Keep them orange folks outta my neighborhood.

err yeah

what does that have to do with anything? any relevancy at all?

We really need a “stunned, gape-mouthed disbelief” smiley.

The following people can no longer be called black, due to pizzabrat’s revelation to all of us:

Marcus Garvey
Naomi Campbell
Patrick Ewing
Harry Belafonte
Notorius BIG
Lennox Lewis
Busta Rhymes
Thanks for the update. I KNEW Marcus Garvey wasn’t really black.

I saw the Stones playing in Sydney last night and you won’t believe it but Bill Wyman is black now.

…and yet Michael Jackson isn’t. How weird.

[ul]:smiley: [sup]Is that the reason, Harry doesn’t like him?[/sup][/ul]

We have one -------> :eek:

As my Jamaican roommate used to say, “We are black, we’re just not African-American!”

Jamaicans do seem to dislike being confused with African-Americans (probably because, you know, they have their own distinct non-American country and culture and everything), but I’ve never known a black Jamaican to deny being black.

Um? Hunh? Parsing…Parsing…Parsing…System error…

No, we need


or this

or this

perhaps this

and finally, this:

I know I am going to regret this, but I am going to ask, Pizzabrat what is black exactly?? If it is skin tone then where do you draw the line? If it is heritage, what countries do you claim? If it is politics, I suggest you take a different tact.