All European descended people are really black

The thread title says it all. I am of European descent, but I have access to the “secret” knowledge that my ancestors are all descended from Africans, and by Africans, I mean African Africans: that is, their skin was black, and so is mine.

Now you may think that this is merely misuse of language and light wavelength information, but I can assure you that it is not. Despite the fact that I am described as very pale with reddish brown hair, that is merely relative. I am in fact a black guy. I hide the fact that I am black because I am afraid of retaliation, violence and discrimination. But the truth be told, there is no significant genetic difference between me and someone who is openly black.

The guy’s just a passing lunatic. No more worth getting upset about than the guy on the street corner telling you the CIA is controlling his brain via his dental implants.

The question is why do we do it? Why pretend to be white, when I could black and beautiful! Well, it isn’t whitey holding me down, as I have just let the cat out of the bag and revealed that whitey doesn’t exist.

Rabbitte was right!

*Jimmy Rabbitte: Do you not get it, lads? The Irish are the blacks of Europe. And Dubliners are the blacks of Ireland. And the Northside Dubliners are the blacks of Dublin. So say it once, say it loud: I’m black and I’m proud. *

Don’t worry. When his nurse sees that his medication isn’t working, she’ll up the dosage.

Yeah, he’s a newbie idiot. We get them all the time. The best ones manage to get themselves banned in a few days.

[George Carlin]

You wouldn’t say someone was openly black. Well, maybe James Brown, or Louis Farrakhan. Louis Farrakhan is openly black. Colin Powell is not openly black. Colin Powell is openly white. He just happens to be black.

[/George Carlin]

On the contrary, I think that the House of Orange indicates that the nobility in Europe were actually Oompa-Loompas. Some inter-marriage had caused them to become taller than they were in the time of Pippin the short.

Later over-paintings and revisionism have implied that Oompa-Loompas were not actually orange. But blue blood is orange blood so we know they were.

Also Eric the Red proves that the Vikings were actually a sea faring tribe of cherokees.

No, no. Since his best evidence is from woodcuts, it can therefore be proven that portraits are actually *negatives *of what was actually seen. And since albinos can’t see color properly, they couldn’t see the nobility unless it was painted white. It wasn’t until photography was invented that people’s eyes started seeing things like we do today.

OMG, it’s a conspiracy!

They probably were. I think half the planet is 1/32nd or more Cherokee, based on what people claim as their ancestry.

Edmond Codried is far worse than some newbie. He’s a troll of the worst order. One of the ones I think of as a “bomb”.

I was curious as to where he got the user name so I googled it. Then I clicked on “Blue Blood is Black Blood 1500-1789 – Egmond Codfried – Rasta Livewire” and got a shitload of malware.

Here is the link for the google search:

It’s OK to click on the above, but do NOT click on the first result. It is also interesting that the second result for the name “Edmond Codfried” reads “Edmond Codfried’s suspension” from a site named Apparently, the guy has been around.

I am going to report this asshole and have his ass banned. You do NOT use this board to push malware.

Well, you DID go looking for it.

Obviously black.

Another clearly black man.

Black city.

Another handsome specimen of African-French blood.

Quite clearly of African descent.

Yet another African-European.

As black as Shaq.

A handsome bunch of Dutch-Africans.

That’s right. ALL BLACK!!!

Well, somebody’s gotta protect our, shall we say, less internet skilled dopers.

He didn’t actually get me. I was able to stop it before all that crap downloaded. But It did piss me off. I have been on this board for nine years and never reported anybody. But this motherfucker…

I apologize to the mods for calling someone a “motherfucker”, and I won’t do it again, but DAMN!

This guy needs to be banned immediately.

He’s very polite so far. He reminds me of kanicbird.

Mark my words. The guy is a bomb.

He is an Internet Crank actually. Google his name. He wanders the web spreading his Gospel.

Spreading malware? Whatta creep. How do we find this guy and sue him?

Sad part is that we had a professor in town about 20 years ago whose classroom material wasn’t too far removed from this shit. Sad, really. Detracts from real inquiry.