College Scale

I am applying for a job at a Community College. The posting had “Salary based on education and experience according to college scale” Can anyone give me information on college scale? I will be new to the education field, working in manufacturing for 20+ years. I have no idea what college scale is, or where to look, or who to ask.

You would have to look at the pay scale of the College to which you’ve applied.

The scale your paid is dependant upon what your title is. For example, an adjunct professor would be paid (and I’m making this up) $28000 to $50000/ year. They can not get over $50000 without getting a promotion.

There are grades too. A grade 1 might make a max of $10/hour while a grade 8 can make $50/hour. Your grade would be based upon the experience and/or degree that you carry.

You should be able to find this on the CC’s web site in the Human Resources section.

As bio-brat has intimated, they left out a few words to save space. There’s not one universal “college scale;” they’re referring to their particular scales for each salary grade.

Unfortunately, it can be very hard to tell what you’re going to paid until you get an offer. However, community colleges might be a little more standardized and have less ridiculously-wide salary ranges than megauniversities like the one which employs me. Let us hope, anyway.

Thanks for the info

I would at least like to make as much as I am right now in manufacturing, which really s*cks right now, IMHO.

The job title sounds quasi impressive (Associate Dean, Registrar) and it appears that I am qualified even though no experience in education. They sent me an application and one question is “minimum acceptable salary.” I am definitely interested in the job but I don’t want to undercut myself nor do I want to put in a salary that is and would not garner me any consideration. The ole rock and a hard place scenario.

My current compensation is in the 50’s w/o bonuses which isn’t too bad considering the cost of living in the area.

Does that sound like a reasonable salary for an associate dean?

A crucial part of the answer depends on where you are. NYC, Topeka, Salt Lake City, San Francisco and Houston will vary in the answer by, I’d guess, as much as $20K.

A very small town in the midwest

Salaries at public colleges are public information, aren’t they? So you must be able to find an idea of what someone in that position (either previous to now at that college, or comparable at a similar community college) hauls in.

I know The Chronicle of Higher Ed posts faculty salary averages, but I don’t think they include community colleges. At any rate, I think an average administrator probably makes at least 50K. A registrar is a pretty important position, so might even make more.

Then I’d guess mid-50s is probably pretty rockin’. Get it if you can. Good luck, pal!

A college at a very small town in the midwest? Ain’t that where all them Penthouse Forum stories happen? What kind of job is this, anyway? :wink:

geez…Penthouse Forum?..Haven’t read that since my Freshman days while going to a party school in the South!..that is another source of those fantasies… er… I mean ‘true’ stories in PF.

Anyways, I tried and I found that the salary that I am looking for is the range for this town and occupation.

Thanks for the help.