Online Resume Form: What should I put for "Salery Requirement"

I’m 20 and appying for a writing job at a magazine that I have little chance of getting.

Anyways, the company has an online form that you fill out, and a field for you to paste your resume into. One of the fields asks what my “salery requirement” is. What should I put there (I have no idea what amount I should be expecting for this type of position)? I’d be happy making any amount, but I don’t know whether listing a price too low would make it seem as if I’m not worth it.

Also, on my resume, what should I put under “education.” I dropped out of high school, but am now entering my 2nd year at a community college, so I’m at a loss as to how I would list that.

This is a form for a writing job and they ask you for a ‘salery requirement’?

Salary requirement: Negotiable
Education: 1 year college
Was that so hard?

Bluecanary, you meanie. :wink:

Righto, for salary requirement, you can always put “negotiable” or “flexible” and discuss it with them if you get an interview. Another option is to research what someone in that position should make, and go a bit under [if you’re dying to have the job no matter the pay] or put the average figure down. As for the education bit, you can list your experience at the CC as “currently working toward ___________” [whatever degree it is you’re working toward].

Thanks for the suggestions, I’ll do that.

Entry level newspaper writing job: $26,000-29,000.

Sad, isn’t it? Hopefully magazines pay a bit better.

If you’re in college, being a high school dropout should not be an issue.

Your odds at getting the job might be better than you think. All writers have to start somewhere. It really depends on the quality of your clips. Good luck.

Salary required - yes, if you insist. (from a previous threada few years ago)

d & r

      • Your education is “some college”, as all they usually care about is how far your education advanced, since you generally need to graduate HS or get a GED anyway.
  • For salary requirements, I find the typical average for the job, and add ~10%. If they can’t go that high but they want you they’ll talk about it, and you might get it anyway. Underselling yourself makes you look unconfident in your abilities.

Thanks for all the responses, and sorry for the delay in responding.

Anyways, for “education,” it seems I have three viable options:

  1. “Some college”
  2. “1 year college”
  3. Currently working toward an English degree.

I’m leaning towards #3, but I wanted to see what you guys thought first.

Also, should I specifically mention the name of the community college (even though I plan on transferring to a 4-year)?

One more thing: On the online form, there’s only a field for a resume. So does that mean I should forgo the cover letter?

Actually, the form reads “Resume (CV) Text.” What’s the CV mean?

CV = Resume

Hmm, seems my intuition was correct. Thanks.

Now if I can just get some opinions on the education/cover letter situation, I’ll be in business.