Salary requirements, starting out as a tech writer?

I need some advice. I just graduated from college with a degree in English, and I’m looking for a job in a rather vague way. Yesterday, a company that saw my resume online contacted me about an opportunity as a “technical writing assistant” as their company, and requested that I fill out an employment application. I did. In the application, there was a place for “salary requirements.” I just put “negotiable,” as I have no real “requirements” beyond “enough so that I won’t die.” Today they e-mailed me back, requesting that I please send them my salary requirements so that they can make sure I fit into their “salary bracket.”

As they should be well aware of by now, having looked at my online resume and the employment application I filled out, I have only held one job in my entire life and it was not related at all to tech writing or anything technical. I have no idea what to ask for and I reckon they know it. But, I think I’d really like this job. The duties look reasonable and the location is good. What should I do? Anyone have any ideas about what I should ask for?

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