How are community college instructors paid?

I am working toward an MA, and with that degree I would be eligible to work as a community college instructor. Around the time I finish my degree, I will also be able to relocate anywhere.

What would a typical salary be? Or are most community college instructors paid for each 3.0 credit hour class taught in a semester.

I know that no one has become wealthy teaching at a community college, but how does the pay compare with public school teachers (with an Masters degree)?

Depends on the college, of course. You’d have to check with Human Resources or see a copy of the faculty contracts online. I confess that I don’t know what the full-timers make.

The rate for adjuncts varies greatly and we’re nowhere near parity with the f/t. Anyhow…I get $49.60 per hour (I teach 3-unit classes) at one campus and $54.45 an hour at the other.

I usually have 4 or 5 classes per semester between two campuses. Bear in mind that there will be medicare, FWT, SWT, STRS,workers comp, union dues, possibly medical $ if you pay into the plan at work, etc. All variable. So the take home pay for adjuncts is not great and that’s why they end up on multiple campuses–unless they have a full time job elsewhere, have a partner who is better paid, or are retired.

I am also speaking only of credit courses. I do not know the rates for non credit and community ed teachers. And the coaches are paid via stipend.

P.S. This could vary by state, but we’re paid on the 10th of the month here, or a day or two earlier if the 10th falls on a weekend.

Some campuses wait until four weeks have gone by (start in mid August and end the pay period in mid September, for example) and then pay 10 days later.

Depends on whether you’re an adjunct or not. Adjuncts get paid by the class, with limited or no benefits.

But as a member of the ranked faculty, you get salary, benefits, etc. I’m guessing that with an fresh MA you’d be hired as an Instructor or Assistant Professor

The Chronicle of Higher Education doesn’t provide a single nationwide average, but I can tell you a few sample colleges from around the country, with their average salary at both ranks.

CC of Baltimore County: Assistant $45,400 Instructor $37,800
CUNY Manhattan: Assistant 53,600 Instructor 42,600
Miami-Dade CC: Assistant $44,800 Instructor $38,600
Salt Lake CC: Assistant $39,500 Instructor $34,600

Thank you all. I had heard different accounts of how instructors are paid, ranging from very low to quite livable.

I was under the impression someone with only a BA would probably not be able to find work as an instructor, unless they had some further experience. Recently here in Texas, quite a few CC instructors without MA’s and 18 hours in their field were let go due to a change in policy.

Another way it to f ind your college online, find the job area, check for salaries.

The pay’s not bad as a secondary source of income. Expect at least $1,800 per 3-hour course.

I have extra copies of the latest CPFA (Ca part time faculty association) newspaper right here, with a salary chart if you want to use it for comparables. Email me if you would like me to send you a copy.


syncrolecyne, this has no doubt probably crossed your mind already, but just keep in mind that most CC’s run 18 week semesters (some 15). So, with the standard fall and spring semesters, you’d only be working 36 weeks a year

Which is a pretty nice perk. I mean, who wouldn’t want 16 weeks of vacation a year? Only problem is, all those weeks go unpaid. Which is why why most adjuncts will work the summer, and, if available, winter sessions.