Cologne that does not smell sweet

I want to get some cologne as a gift for my bf but I hate cologne that smells sweet like women’s perfume, any recommendations?

Musk is always a good spicey scent. Is citrus too sweet? There’s a unisex scent called #4711. Best stuff ever, if you like citrus scent.


How about going to the perfume counter at a decent department store and sniffing some samples?

Here is a perfume review magazine website where you can search for particular scents or by name. When you click on a perfume, it will say what is in it. For example, I randomly clicked on “Bleu de Chanel”, and it says

and “Lagerfeld” comes up with

There are also user reviews.

ewww not that Lagerfeld; that’s the Axe Body Spray of their line

I meant this Lagerfeld.

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I always tended to Russian Leather
and have since the early 70s. English Leather isn’t bad either.

Exactly this. This sort of thing is so subjective that I think you’ll need to check it out for yourself. Go to the fragrance counter of a good store - department store, Sephora, etc. and do a smell test. Even then, you may find whatever you get may not smell the same on the recipient than it does in the store, but at least you will have a start on what you like.

This. Or use the fragrance selection tool at Sephora, and then try them in person in store… is a great database of scent notes.

There are plenty of fragrances that aren’t sweet. Musks, as mentioned above, are some. Oud scents are another group.

Edit, I see fragrantica was already mentioned.

Grey Flannel
And I agree on Lagerfeld