Colon Cancer questions

Howdy! I’ve a couple of questions about CC and I can’t seem to find the answer on the internet.

I’m a 28yo WHM who has no family history of cancer. I’ve always been very regular ( twice a day guy ) and have noticed a significant change in my bowel habits and it has me a little concerned.

About 2 months ago I began having semi-frequent “sudden attacks” where I just “had to go right now”, mostly while driving my car. I figured that I just ate some funky food or something so I didn’t think anything of it. But I’m still having that issue now and can’t figure out a good reason why. My stool is not runny at all and looks as normal as it can. I only go 1-2 times a day, but feel like I need to go alot more than that. It’s not intense, it just feels like I’m bloated. Alot of times I will sit on the pot and can’t go, even though it feels like I should be able to. It’s hard to describe but it doesn’t feel like diahrea or constipation, just like “I should go pot”. It is not any worse/better after I eat a full meal. It seems to come and go, though it seems to be coming more lately.

I’ve looked on line and these symptoms could be any number of things. It matches the symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome, but also seems to match the warning signs for colon cancer. All the web sources say that CC shouldn’t even be in my future for another 20+ years, but the symptoms seem to match though.

I feel like I am acting like I hypocondriact (sp?) for jumping to this conclusion so fast to be honest.

What, statistically speaking, are the chances of a 28 year old guy getting that?

What else could this issue be? I wasn’t worried about it a month ago, but its been here a fairly long while now.

Does IBS manifest itself at this age or would I have had it since I was a kid?

Should I be concerned? Any advice?

Usual disclaimer: I am not a doctor.

Look, colon cancer at your age with your family (lack of) history is a long shot. If you go in for a checkup they’ll consider it just because it’s part of a work up, but the odds are in your favor with this one.

Much, much more likely is something like irritable bowel (which can happen at any age), food intolerance of various degrees, or even a food allergy.

It’s not a screaming urgent emergency, but you should see a doctor about it in the near future. There are things you can do for IBS, intolerances, or allergies that will prevent the problem from getting worse, improve the situation, and just generally make you feel better.

I’ve been through the same experience. Agreed with Broomstick, it’s most likely to be IBS or intolerances, both of which can appear at any time. Go to the doctor - yes they may want to do a thorough check (which does, unfortunately, involved a camera on the end of a flexible tube…), but peace of mind, and all that? And if it is nothing more than IBS or an intolerance, they’ll still be able to help, or maybe refer you to a specialist or a dietician.

Well, IAAMD, and I agree with the above posters. Cancer is extremely unlikely given the symptoms you describe, but not impossible. A visit to your doctor (soon, but NOT urgent) is a fine idea!


I’ve had what the OP has had for years. It’s more annoying than anything else. But I’ve learned to avoid the foods that tend to set it off (like eating a big whopping piece of steak).

And my mother passed away from colon cancer. And my doctor hasn’t asked for a colonscopy yet, but I’m only 38.

But I may have something to look forward to in 2005 when I turn 40!