Colonel Qadhafi's rank

Just a quick one; why is the Lybian head of state only a Colonel? Why doesn’t he promote himself to General? Can other Generals order him about, in theory at least?

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From the online magazine Slate’s regular “Explainer” column, Why Is Qaddafi Still a Colonel?

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And to further expound: after the coup that overthrew the monarchy, the revolutionary council got rid of all General-grade billets, and these weren’t restored until over 10 years later, when officers that had participated in the revolution acquired the necessary seniority. The Lybian military is not that big anyway so even now its highest grade is a LtGen.

Immediately after the coup the council field-promoted Cpt. Kaddafi, leader of the more radical younger-officers faction and on-the-ground organizer of the coup, to colonel and appointed him defense minister. After about 3 months, the Kaddafi faction had taken over altogether

At some point c. 1980, he stepped down from “active duty” and the Parliament offered to give him the “retirement” rank of Major General, but he declined it. Say what you will, he knows what will play well with the crowd.