Colonial House

in living history. APPLICATION DEADLINE is 21 February 2003.
Thirteen/WNET New York is offering aspiring settlers the chance
to live at the dawn of modern America. Do you have what it takes
to live in the early 17th century for five months? We anticipate
starting in early summer and finishing filming in early fall,
approximately June to October 2003. COLONIAL HOUSE is looking
not only for families but also for individuals. We want a
diverse group of people, but participants will have to be
mentally and physically able to cope with the day to day rigors
of this extraordinary challenge. Preparations are being made for
filming in a beautiful, remote corner on the Eastern Seaboard,
where our volunteers will be immersed in early colonial life. A
stipend, intended to compensate for the loss of earnings the
average family or person is likely to incur, is available to the
selected participants. APPLICATION DEADLINE: 21 February 2003.

Well, I definitely don’t have what it takes.

Check, please!