Color Code for your Feces (kind of gross)

so, this is kind of a gross question… but does the color/consistency of your excrement mean something… If it’s runny or almost like a clear jelly… I’ve always wondered if a green stool meant I was lacking something…

Clear jelly??? :o

My mother always told me that green stool meant you were sick. Whether that’s just an old wive’s tale or not, and what the underlying mechanism is if true, I do not know.


But does the green mean your body was missing x vitamin?

As I said, I don’t know what the underlying mechanism is (assuming that green poop really does indicate illness). I always assumed that it was the presence of some virus or bacterium that caused the color change and not the lack of something, but I really just don’t know.

Green shit means you ate froot loops.

green generally means that you are something blue or purple. Happens to me on occasion when I drink grape soda or lots of blueberries.

Clear jelly, don’t know about that one… Poop is a mysterious thing… I’ve heard you should only really worry if it changes and stays changed for a long time, is red or pink, very pale and hard, or dark dark black and like coffee grounds…

But I’m no poop expert.

There is also the effect of anthocyanins, the natural colouring in many fruits and vegetables. These are pH indicators - red in acid, green in alkali. If you eat fruits such as blueberries and blackberries, the anthocyanins turn green in the mildly alkaline environment of your small intestine, and sometimes get rushed through fast enough to miss being re-acidified in the colon, hence come out green.

All together now…

Is your shit light brown?
Does it dangle to the ground?
Does it dangle like a string? Does it come out nice and round?
Does it emit a noxious odor
Like a Continental Soldier?
Is your shit light brown?


There you go. The straight poop on feces species of color.

Yes, bright, papery white. I’ve wondered why they don’t add some sort of dye to the barium mix; make em come out in all the colors of the rainbow!

I am? Well, sometimes I’m a little blue, but never purple. Lavender maybe…

Green means you’re just friends.
Blue means it’s true love.
Black means you’re stressed.
Red means you’re anxious.

Oh wait, I thought we were talking about those little card thingies where you press your thumb on the black square and hold it for 10 seconds and then it tells you something about yourself or your future …

For the first time I’m happy to be colorblind.

I love poop discussion. It always comes up at the dinner table for some reason.

Anyway, I’ve noticed that if you eat a goodly amount of artificially flavored and colored licorice/black jelly beans, my shit is green. Go figure?

I really don’t believe that you’re missing something if it’s green. Ever check out an infants shit? They must be eating algae or something!

Well that would explain why it was green after eating those 2 bowls of BooBerry.

The clear gel could be mucus (snot).

IANAPoopologist, but my friend’s dad told me that the medicine he used to take actually separated the grease and fat from foods. He’d crap that out in a jelly-like substance at different times than the regular delivery. I do not recall what kind of drug he was taking.

Oh, man…you guys should see the discussions on my carcinoid cancer e-list.

Beige, taupe, tan…sometimes it’s really funny to see the response of the people that don’t have liver mets yet. They just freak out…especially when the word ‘foamy’ comes into play.

Burnt umber-colored feces usually means that you’ve been eating Crayolas again.

All I know is that Guinness makes your poop black.

If you existed on a diet of nothing but sweetcorn, would you shit cobs?