Color Contacts

Anyone here wear color contacts? What brand? What color do you wear? What color are your eyes naturally? Do they look natural? Do they look natural in bright sunlight? Do people notice them?

I am interested because I am thinking of trying some.
I wasn’t sure if this is a poll or not. Feel free to move it if proper.

I have green eyes. For several years I wore dark blue contacts. I don’t know whether or not they looked natural, but people often remarked on how pretty my eyes were.

To me, the opaque contacts (the kind that can make brown eyes blue) look fake.

Slight Hyjack: Does anybody know if Jessica Alba wore color contacts for Fantastic Four? Or did they fix her eyes with a computer effect? I assume that Sue Storm has blue eyes in the movie.

I had the 80’s version called ‘Aqua,’ which translates to ‘Bright Teal That Does Not Exist In Nature.’ My eyes are bluish, but change with what I wear - royal blue washes them out to insipid gray, hot pink turns them green, and turquoise makes them blue enough that I’m often asked if I have the tinted contacts (haven’t in years).

I’ve heard they’re more natural-looking nowadays.

I have dark brown eyes, and perfect vision, but a few years ago, I had some disposible income so I got blue contacts.
They had no correction, they just changed my eye color.
One morning driving home from a long nights work, I was T-boned in an intersection a block from the police station.
As I was disintangling myself, a man comes up to me and officiously tells me he’s a police detective “Are you al…boy, your eyes are blue!” It made them worth every cent. ( yes, I went out with him :smiley: )

Unfortunately, about a year later, I went to visit my son. He met me at the airport, as he walked up to me, before hello, or I love you or anything else, he said, “I hate 'em get rid of them.”
When I got home from vacation they were mysteriously missing. :dubious: