Coloradan THC virgin: Should I try pot?

I’m a proud resident of the state that’s forging new paths on the frontier of fundamental human rights. I’m not talking about gay rights or gun rights (though we’re moving in the right direction on both, namely “for” and “against”, respectively). No, I’m talking about the right to get high!

But individually I’m not sure what to do about it. I’ve never consumed marijuana in any form, mostly due to hanging out with boring nerds (being one myself). But I enjoy pleasure. Alcohol is a good friend. The occasional cigar is nice. Should I add THC to the list of my life’s joys?

Here are my concerns. First, marijuana smoke smells completely revolting to me. Second, I worry that THC might be genuinely worse for me than other mind-altering substances. Finally, the feds don’t see things the way we do, so I’m nervous that my experimentation could lead to serious consequences.

Anyway, would you advise that I break my THC cherry? Or leave it? I’m in my early 40s, if it matters…

I, too, am a THC virgin, and I don’t relish the thought of smoking anything under any circumstances. However, I am vacationing in your fair state this summer, and I fully intend to partake of some hash brownies before adjourning to Casa Bonita. My workplace does reserve the right to drug test, but I’ll be out for a week so the indicators should have passed my system in the meantime.

Any holes in my plan, fellow dopers?

I think at your age you’d be better off leaving MJ a mystery. You’ve got your alcohol and you’ve got your cigars. No need to gild the lily.

That said, if curiosity is getting the better of you, I would suggest this: Once you get your stuff, make sure you are settled in for the night. Make sure you have everything you need at home. Until you know how it’s going to affect you, you don’t want to be leaving the house while high as the experience might freak you the fuck out. Chances are it wont, but better safe than sorry.
It would help if you had a friend that could help you break said cherry.

As far as the revolting bit goes; I don’t know how much cash you have to throw around but they do sell vaporizers that allow you to “smoke” the MJ with out the smoke.

Just keep in mind that, when you eat pot, it is possible to take a mind-melting dose without knowing it, and then you’re stuck in interstellar space for a lot of hours. (One common problem is eating some, having nothing happen for an hour, and then eating some more… five minutes before the first batch hits.)

If you’ve never done it before, I wouldn’t eat it and then go to Casa Bonita. When eating it, you really don’t have any way to regulate the dose. When you smoke it (I know, you don’t want to, I’m just trying to explain it), you can take a few puffs and within a few seconds you can say “yup, I’m good” or “no, pass it back”. When you eat it, you sorta guess at what you need and then it’s quite a while before it takes effect. It’s better for the more experienced user that’s going to be okay with the “Holy shit, I’m really fucking high, like, really, really high” feeling. If that happens, and you’ve never been high before, that’s going to be such an insanely disorienting feeling, the best thing you’ll be able to do is go sit in your car for a few hours until you come down and maybe try to sleep it off and listen to some music.

ETA, I didn’t see cjepson’s post while I was typing mine. That was a simulpost.

Wow, I never realized that MJ was as potentially dangerous as **Shakes **and **cjepson **make it out to be. I’ve gone for years thinking that ‘Reefer Madness’ was utter hysteria and that the main effects of the devil weed were mellow euphoria and gigglepussishness. Thanks for the heads-up.

ETA: Thanks for the clarification, Joey. A friend of mine in Denver is extremely 4:20 friendly. If she’s amenable to it, there might be a visit in order.

It’s not that it’s dangerous, but if you have too much, you will definitely not be up for facing the outside world.

Well, the only danger is that there is a very slight possibility that it will make you extremely paranoid or very withdrawn. It’s not a pleasant experience but not really a big deal if you’re holed up at home.

Eating it (or too much of it) gives you the added benefit of feeling like you can feel the rotation of the earth. Again not a big deal if you’re at home. If you’re at Casa Bonita though, that might be problematic.

Again, these are only slight possibilities. I’m only throwing in worse case scenarios. What it WON’T do is turn you into a killer hell bent on going on a murderous rampage as Reefer Madness would have you believe.

That’s exactly it. I don’t smoke anymore, but when I did, I always felt that my home was the only safe place to be. Outside was scary. Maybe that’s just because everyone was out to get me.

How pleasant is it, in general [realizing that responses can vary, as with all substances]? Considering just the mind-altering effects alone, if you had to choose one, would you prefer alcohol or THC? To reveal something kind of dorky, I was inspired to start this thread when I heard Black Sabbath’s “Sweet Leaf”. Ozzy sure makes it sound great…and it certainly doesn’t seem to have had any lasting effects on him! Though I would guess he’s consumed every chemical known to mankind at some point, so it would be tough to isolate the effect of THC…

It’s not that bad, it’s just that if you don’t know what to expect it might freak you out a bit. I would suggest trying to stick with a more Indica blend as it generally produces a more mellow high…more of a body high. Pure Indicas will usually try to lock you to the couch, and can be sleep inducing. Sativas and hybrids strong in Sativas tend to produce more of a head high and are generally more prone to inducing anxious feelings if you’re not used to it. Anyway, have fun and if you do start freaking out, just remind yourself that it’s just the weed and you’re going to be ok. No one has ever overdosed on marijuana.

Since these guys might not know what that means, I have taken the liberty of composing a shopping list:

*Something to drink
*More Doritos

What are you saying? You pretty much HAVE to be stoned out of your mind to go to Casa Bonita. It’s practically a requirement.

I used to love having a few beers on the weekend, but now I would prefer weed. No hangover! I will sometimes mix it but the rule is smoke first, then drink. I find it cuts way down on the amount I drink if I am at a bar or a party.

Well, you’re comparing apples to oranges. Alcohol is great for socializing.

THC is a great stress reliever after a hard hay at work. Plus it makes TV seem so much more interesting. Sitcoms are funnier and dramas are more intense. YMMV.

The caveats are:
1 - Eating it will get you much higher than smoking it.
2 - Eating is a deeper, more sustained high than smoking it.
3 - In that deeper, more sustained high, you are less functional and some people don’t like feeling and try to fight it mentally - futily, and result in a freak-out of various degrees.

As Katt Williams said in one of his comedy shows recently shown on Comedy Central about weed. Where he contrasts prescription meds and weed and how you take a pill for a headache and end up with anal leakage, goat eyes and a lizard tail while with weed he said,

Of course you should try it. Why not?

But yeah, smoke it, don’t eat it.

You could smoke pot at the anti-gun rally with your new same-sex partner!

Don’t do it

drugs are bad