Colorado Dopers: can you help me find someone?

I am a member of a Yahoo group, Woodworking. The founder/owner of the group abandoned it after a few months. Since the group has a nice, generic name, people are constantly joining it, only to be turned off by the spam, porn, and threats of physical violence that occur when a discussion group is unmoderated.

I would like to locate the owner of this group in order to get some moderators appointed. I do not want to find him for some nefarious purpose. If he is found, he may contact me if he desires, but that is not necessary. I just want the madness to end, and Yahoo is no help.

Let me repeat that: I have absolutely no desire to physically find this guy. If you know or find out who he is, do not post information about his whereabouts in this thread. I just want him alerted to the fact that a disaster is occurring in his name, and it would be great if he could take some action. Of course, it may be that he is dead. If so, maybe Yahoo would kill the group and allow sanity to prevail.

So here is what I know. He signed posts as “Matt Simmons, Simmons Woodworks”. His email address was The group was formed by him in April 1998, and his last post there was October 1998. I believe he was located somewhere in Colorado, but I can’t put my fingers on why I believe that just now. He started woodworking 20 years ago, so I guess that puts him somewhere over 30. Maybe up to 70 or more.