colorado dopers-Do you like Sen. Campbell?

I believe he is the only US senator of native american ancestry. From what I see, he isn’t very visible-seems to be a pretty laid-back guy. I recall that he sponsored a few bills regarding “sunsetting” of obsolete agencies. has he been pretty good for Colorado? has he done much to help the native american people?

He’s been retired for two years. And, no, I didn’t like him.

Several people I know call him “Turncoat Campbell” for his party switch a decade or so ago. Been around a long time, I first bumped into him in Pagosa Springs in 84 or so (he was living in Ignacio at the time, IIRC). My grandparents in Pagosa weren’t particularly impressed with him, but they weren’t particularly impressed with anyone.

Some people thought he was playing up his heritage just to get votes… Actually, it was a little stronger than that. I don’t remember the details but imagine someone bashing the so and so’s on the reservation and then wearing regalia to which they weren’t entitled on the campaign trail. I’m not saying he did that, but that was the perception.

Compared to some of the other winners we’ve sent to D.C. (Pat Schroeder, Tom Tancredo, Marilyn Musgrave, Diana DeGette) Campbell was ok.

He didn’t really do much of anything, either as a Democrat or a Republican. FWIW, he seemed like a nice guy. As has been said, he’s been off the political scene for a couple of years now. Colorado’s senators are Wayne Allard (another do-nothing) and Ken Salazar. I think Campbell has some medical problems now.