Colorado Governor

I’ve got to say kudos to both sides of the gubernatorial campaigns in Colorado. They kept it civil and based upon the issues. I had no idea that Polis was gay until after the results came in announcing him the first openly gay governor.

Doesn’t OR Gov. Kate Brown count? While she’s married to a man, she was openly bi when she got elected to a term of her own two years ago.

Gay is not Bi. Bi is not Gay. They’re third on the list: LGB…

She can claim the title of first openly Bi or first openly non-straight governor.

Colorado got a lot of it right this time around, I think. I especially liked the leap of faith with picking an academic for attorney general in lieu of [del]a fixture of the old, medieval, corrupt criminal “justice” apparatus[/del] an experienced prosecutor. I’m a little worried that the house/senate/governor are all Blue now, because the conservatives around here aren’t all that offensive and I’d like for them to feel represented. But really conservatives need to shed the tainted Republican brand before they can be taken seriously.

NJ had a gay governor but of course nobody knew it until he quit. Houston had an openly gay mayor .

Chris Christie?

It was Jim McGreevey in NJ

to be technically correct he was openly gay in office for 3 months before his resignation was final .