McGreavy ads still on TV

There’s a whole series of NJ state ads featuring the governor – a tradition that dates back to Tom Kean, if not earlier. These are still running, despite the events of the last week or so – including the one with his wife and daughter, encouraging us all to vacation in NJ.

Is it just me, or is that a little odd?

I imagine the ads were slated/paid to run a long time in advance.

Okay, I admit it, I really only posted to this thread to hijack and talk about one of the headlines in this week’s issue of The Onion: “Homosexual Tearfully Admits to Being Governor of New Jersey”.

Just a slight nitpick:

It’s McGreevy.

The guy who inherited the Florio mess has some props, but after this, I’m re-evaluating my choice of state.

I’ve got NJ, OH, AZ, ND, MT and a couple others to choose from.

On Fox Philadelphia, the night the story broke, after 15 minutes or so of all-McGreevy-all-the-time, they went to commercial break. IIRC, the very first ad was the New Jersey tourism ad with Gov. McGreevy and family on the beach, and the tag line at the end was “Come on out to New Jersey.”

Or was it “Come on out in New Jersey.” I’m not sure.

Perhaps this is a sign that I need new glasses, or should read more carefully, but I misread the title as “*McGreasy ads still on TV *” and wondered if it was going to be something about the effects of the “Supersize Me” film. It didn’t help that at the time the subsequent thread title was “Random Food-related Confessions”.

I must admit that as a Canajun, I hadn’t heard anything about the good Governor’s situation, nor would I have recognized the name.

The first time I saw one after last Thursday, I laughed my arse off. Somone should have pulled them.

Paid for, fine – I’m sure they could switch content without a problem – like to the one about how the folks at the (agency formerly known as the) DMV are now our friends. McGreevy (sorry, Tripler, didn’t mean to upset you with my typo) on the beach with his wife and daughter … :dubious:

BTW, a friend told me that rumors were flying a few years ago about where he actually was and what he was actually doing when he broke his leg “walking on the beach in Cape May.”

Not so much were he was but who he was with. Thats why I was not surprised in the least. Neither was his wife. In fact I was more surprised that some people didn’t know.

I just heard on the news – they’re going to stop running the ads. “They might be sending the wrong message.”

Ya think?


The elected official after Flim Flam Florio was a woman.
Or possibly a really odd looking man, but I’m pretty sure it was a woman.

Christine Todd Whitman, who resigned to become Dubya’s EPA gal. That worked out really well. :rolleyes:

Her name is being mentioned, as is Tom Kean’s, as someone who might run for governor if there is an election in November, which it doesn’t look like there will be.