Columbine Jocks Safely Resume Bullying
Just wanted to share. I think this is one of the best articles I’ve seen about the aftermath of this whole awful affair, even if it is satire.


The Onion always has awesome satirical stories. Also in the same issue is a great “survey” about teenagers getting breast implants.

Are there any Dopers out there who aren’t familiar with The Onion? I make it a point to stop by every Wednesday for a refill of sarcasm. My favorite articles are those precious few from “Smoove B – Love Man.”

I will take you out to the finest restaurants, and I will order you fine wines, and exotic foods.
Then I will hit you doggie style.
The ones by Herbert Kornfeld about how he keeps it real in Accountz Receevable crack me up too.


Already read it. Wonderful…

And poignant for me since the first thing I heard aboiut the incident was an interview on TV where a couple of the “jocks” were calling the shooters “scum” - and this was in reply to what they thought of them before any of this happened.

As the guy whose Junior High life was one beating after another, it made me go back to when I wished my tormentors were dead.

Obviously wishing and doing what those kids did are very different concepts, and I never would have done what they did, nor do I condone it.

But understand the feelings behind it? Oh yes…

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