Well, it's happened again...

another school shooting. News reports say the kid was being teased too much. Obviously, he has problems, but I can also relate. There were a couple of times in high school that I got pissed enough to try to inflict serious damage. I almost dropped one student over a flight of stairs because he bumped into me. Good thing I didn’t have access to any firearms.

At least none of these latest victims have died.

Well, according to the news report I just read, there were two dead.

Why do I imagine the next knee-jerk “protect the children” rule to sweep the nation will be ‘students being picked on in class will not be allowed in the school’?



I know, I can just see it now, “If you can’t at least try to be cool and popular, you shouldn’t be in school with the ‘normal’ kids.” Sadly, there are teachers and administrators who already feel this way–they just don’t say it.

Columbine Jocks Safely Resume Bullying