Sadly, another school shooting

CNN is live in San Diego right now, where another school shooting has taken place. A male student apparently walked into Santana High School and opened fire, injuring several students. No reports of fatalities as of yet.

One fatality (a student) as of 2:00 P.M. EST; the other victims (about 10) would appear to be out of danger.

Another example of what can happen in a Society where parents have become afraid to punish their children for fear of the repercussions of the goverenment or the school or some other agency, that is going to come calling accusing you of child abuse.

It is just another reason for the gun control nuts to take a shot at the gun owners and manufacturers.

I am sorry for those that are injured and I am sorry for those families that lost children, but let’s remember where to place the blaim. Not on guns, not on society. Place the blame on the Kids and their parents.

First of all, 2 fatalities & 13 wounded.

Dan, this is a very sad event. I think it is very ignorant to make assumptions about the shooter and his life. Not everything happens by a certain type of people and for the same reasons. Lay off of it. Once you have some evidence, you can talk about this, but come on, we are here to fight ignorance not to spread around speculation.

I recently had a friend commit suicide, and it causes the same problems. We have to remember that we will never truly know why people do the things they do. We do not have access to someone’s inner mental processes, and until we do, we only have hearsay, psychological profiles, and possibly false suicide/homicide notes.

On the other hand, I do have to agree that the points that TKD2DAN raised are still important, even if they turn out not to be applicable to this situation.

I’m not particularly religious, but Lord have mercy on our souls. Let’s hope that this devestating fad does not continue to reoccur.

Yeah! Parents should be able to beat their kids if they want to dammit!

I saw an interview with a man (friend of the shooter) where he indicated that there were indicators that this might happen, but the shooter played it off as being “a joke”.

Nobody’s laughing.

Another angry kid lashes out. Everyone asks why. The answer is fairly obvious to anyone with a fucking brain.

–AOL News

Anyone happen to catch ol’ George W.'s take on the matter …

(I’d quote if I could remember it exactly - but I can’t, so I’m paraphrasing): “It’s a disgusting display of cowardice.”

The kid was 15! Calling him a coward after the fact isn’t going to solve anything.
A terrible tragedy? You betcha.
A sad statement of teen angst gone wrong? Darn tootin’.
A horrible case of a misunderstood kid using violence as his only outlet? Looks like it to me.
A case of parental responsiblility gone to shit? Could be.
A coward? I don’t see it that way.
Cowardice implies rational thought. This kid was obviously short on that mark.

[sub]Why do I get the feeling I’m in for a railing on this one?[/sub]