Yet another ghod damned school shooting

One dead so far in Santa Clarita.

There has not been anything of substance done to prevent these school shootings, so of course it is happening again.

Great fuck, here we go again. How does 15 year old angst = get dad’s gun and go to school? We’ll know more on this kid later.

Fully agreed.

If I’m being honest, I’ve become numb to this shit.
The R’s in my Facebook debate group are making jokes about it: “But, but, how can this happen? Cali is a gun free zone.”

That managed to piss me off.

We have thoughts and prayers. What more can we do?

They probably will not joke when it is their kids.

A preemptive “Fuck you, you cold-hearted son of a bitch” to the first Too-Sooner to post.

I have two kids in school. This shit terrifies me. Fuck anyone who jokes about it.

How? When everybody and his dog has a gun on average (and there are more guns in the US than people) then any random lunatic can get his hands on one very easily. And this bullshit about “well, it’s too late now to do anything about it” has been going on for at least 85 years. When New Zealand had a mass shooting, their Parliament dealt with it within a few weeks.

I’m guessing that it was pro Trump crisis actors…

It’s a really fucking sad commentary on our culture when I type “school” in Google and the top Google recommendation is “shooting.”

I lived in Santa Clarita years ago. My parents were there for 20 years or so. I hate this. I hate this all so much.

That’s because it happened today, so it’s trending.

Probably wouldn’t have got that yesterday.

It is now two dead children.

Just to clarify:

Since the death toll is not that high, can we just sent thoughts OR prayers? Seems a little much to be sending both.

Aha I didn’t realize it was that dynamic.

One 16 and the other 14. They’re babies, children. Ridiculous.

It appears that the shooter is also in critical condition. I’m hoping he makes it too, just so he can see what 70 years of prison is like.

I’m hoping he survives so that we can learn more about what causes this to happen, and, hopefully, how to intervene before it comes to this.