Columbus OH Dopers: Where to get afternoon tea?

My wife is visiting the Columbus OH area (Dublin actually) with her mother, and grandmother next week. They would all like to go someplace nice (possibly even swanky) for tea. We’re talking the good stuff - a fancy high tea with the frilly sandwiches and tiny little doillies (wait - strike that, reverse it).

Any suggestions?

You might try the Great Southern Hotel. While their webpage says nothing about afternoon tea, it seems just the sort of place where it might be served.

I stayed there once and can attest to the general ambience.

How does this sound?
The Victorian Painted Lady Tea Room & Gift Gallery

It’s in Marysville, which is not in the immediate Columbus area, but is about as close to Dublin as downtown Columbus is. Their lunch menu (PDF file on the site) makes the tea sound kind of fancy. The place is for sale, too!

I can’t verify from experience that this place actually exists, but the big mention of a “new Low-Carb menu” suggests that the website is probably not old and defunct.

There is Zencha Tea Salon in the Short North which might have something like that. I’ve never been in there, however.

Although I work in Dublin, I’ve never had tea there in a restaurant as you suggest. However, looking in the local restaurant guidebook, Biddie’s Coach House looks just like what you are looking for. From its web site, it looks very up market, and requires reservations. Though I don’t know the actual building, I do know the area it’s it – it’s the most historic part of Dublin, and very pleasant to walk around. If you go about a block east, you can walk down to the Scioto River (though that’s not recommended for a person who has difficulty going up and down stairs).

As long as they are in Columbus, they should try Kaffee und Kuchen (Coffee and Cake). German Village in Columbus has several really excellent and authentic German style Konditorei or Coffee Shop/Bakeries/Restaurants. I found a place called Mozart’s that seems to be the favorite pastry shop of Arnold Schwarzenegger and serves High Tea but isn’t located in the German Village area. German Village is a wonderfully quaint place architecturally and has some cool shops. The Book Loft in German Village is the most incedible bookstore in the world as far as I’m concerned.

Thank you everyone.

I don’t know where they will go, but at least they have options now.

I do know that regardless of the Tea event chosen, they will now also head into the German Village. As much as they likes their tea, they loves their CAKE! :wink: