.com, .net, .org, .sex?

why can’t there be a .sex domain name? does ICANN or interNIC realize how easy .sex domain names could be filtered out for filtering software? granted not all webpages that have nudity are on their own servers, some are on geocities and whatnot, but for the big ones, like babylon-x, or others, why not put them on www.babylon-x.sex, instead of .com?
sometimes i astound myself. (actually one of my friends suggested it)

what are some of the reasons why it can’t be done?

ok, i’m dumb. i went to ICANN’s web page and they said that they were considering it, along with .law, .shop, .arts, and a whole bunch more.


It’s long been suggested to use .xxx as the domain for mature audiences. It gets shot down often and often again.

But, whaddaya do about things like the SD? ‘Controlled substances’ doesn’t have a 3-letter acronym, does it?


Sex pages would never use them. They’d know that .sex domains would be filtered out by millions of computers, so they’d keep .com so as not to be filtered.

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