Combining Multiple Word (.docx) files, retaining formatting

How does one most painlessly concatenate a handful of Word files, each with its own headers, page numbers, notion of appropriate indentation and line spacing and etc, in such a way as to result in a single Word document, each page of which looks as much as possible like it would have looked if you’d opened the original separate documents to those same pages?

(Is it perhaps easier to save the goddam things to RTF, open them in a sensible word processor, concatenate them there, then save them back, then open them and resave in Word?)

I think if you start a new section (under Page layout) at the end of each part before pasting the next part in, the added section will be in its own format. I think before you paste the new stuff in, you should at the very beginning of the new page you should open the header and footer tools (under design tab) and make sure they are not linked to previous.

But this is from memory


The “FILE” is another MS Word doc.

I found the essential part:

Make section break;

View menu ==> Display the Headers/Footers; a new tab will appear in the tabbed ribbon bar thingie that I generally ignore (I like menus), titled “Headers and Footers”. It won’t be selected until you click on it. Do so.

Uncheck the checkbox for “Link to Previous”. It’s only available on the tab, not in any menu I could find.

Now you still have to paste in the separate headers from the source files, including page numbers, but you can have the page numbers start where you want them to and continue on as you see fit.

& Finally, select all pasted text, Format menu ==> format Paragraph (even though you’ve got zillions of paragraphs selected) click the secret hidden “Special” dropdown and select “First line of paragraph” and it defaults to 0.5" and that indents the paragraphs which aren’t indented despite indented paragraphs being in the original and source documents.