Comcast cable ripped off house and caused damage. Who is responsible?

I came home from work about half an hour ago, and found my Comcast internet cable laying across the street. It is still actually connected, but the bracket the holds the cable on the house (a two story house) ripped off and hit the first story window awning, causing damage. It also ripped the box off the side of the house where the cable from the pole connects to the line going into the house. I contacted Comcast through text (seemed to be the only way), and a person will be out tomorrow (most likely while I am at work).

I did not notice the damaged awning until after I spoke to Comcast rep. My question is, does Comcast have any responsibility for their line and bracket causing damage?

Something similar happened to me a couple of years ago. We determined it was a garbage truck with a hopper in front of the cab that then lifts and dumps over the top that caught and severed the line. No house damage so don’t know that, but Comcast came out and fixed it the next day (free) and gave us two days prorated service outage for the month (2x$10).

So unless it was Comcast negligence, I can’t see them being liable for an accident they weren’t present to. But do request down time for the service and your time for dealing with it in order to get some money from Comcast ($50?) in a method they do have an easy ability to give you some compensation.


My dad had all sort of stuff ripped off the side of his house when a state worker ran a lawn mower into a guy wire and it snapped, taking down the pole (and 3 others). The state took care of most of everything - everything from the pole to the house. Dad’s home insurance picked up the replacement electrical box. Not sure if he had to have the outside cable connection box replaced too. But in my experience, with Time Warner/Spectrum, they’ll do a lot of work outside for free. Or rather, as part of the enormous amount you pay them already each month, sos that you keep being able to use their service and pay them each month.

If there’s damage to your house I don’t see Comcast taking care of it. Contact your insurance, though. Take pics before Comcast tidies up!