Comcast email functions are slow

I use Comcast email with their native email software. In the past few months it has gotten slower and slower. It is slow to load, and whenever I do anything (send an email, delete an email, move an email into a folder) I have to wait about 5 seconds before I can do the next thing. This is not a disaster, but it is aggravating.

So, two questions:

Is this likely to be something on my end, or is it them? (Follow-up: if it’s on my end, what should I look at?)

If I used another email front end program, would it look faster to me (that is, all the delays would accumulate in the interface, and the slowness of the back end wouldn’t affect the functions on the front end)? (Follow-up: recommend a front end email program please.)

What do you mean by native email software? Is that something installed on your computer, or do you go to in a web browser or something?

Can you get to your Comcast email on another computer? That would eliminate any problems on your end. If not try rebooting your computer, then go straight to email and see how it acts.

Sooner or later I’d suggest transitioning away from Comcast email, perhaps to Gmail. The problem with having Comcast email is if/when you change ISPs, you’re going to have to give up your email anyway. And Gmail is nice because your email can be accessed from any computer that has a web browser, nothing to install.

I have comcast email, I just use Outlook at home to get the mail. It’s not possible to notice any slowdowns this way.

What “native software” are you using?