Come! Gaze Upon My Awe-Inspiring Brilliance!

I’ve recently discovered that I’m the smartest and most articulate poster on the SDMB. To demonstrate, and allow all you ignoramuses to enlighten yourselves to this undeniable Truth, I present all the threads I’ve ever started (including two that were locked by nefarious mods*).
I was going to painstakingly link to each one seperately, but I have other business to attend to, such as solving all the worlds problems by my personal fiat.
I’d thank you for looking, but it is you that should be thanking me.
You’re welcome.
*: :wink:

OK, I believe you.

Wait, I want my money back.

Gee, I thought was going to be another Pitting of the British Shop Owner. Maybe you two should get together and share your brilliant ideas.

It’s probably a parody of this thread.


Aaaaaaand it got locked…
The damn thread I was parodying is just going to slip off the front page and I’ll be left looking even more stupid than I actually am.

According to my lawyer, all misspellings and typos that were included in the OP are an intentional part of the parody.

Bump. :wink:

That would explain why I didn’t know it was a parody.

I do say, jolly good show garygnu.

And don’t call them misspellings, just say your keyboard malfunctioned

To be fair, the op should have noted the parody, and linked to the thread.

You’re absolutely right. I also should not have counted on SBSO’s original becoming a highly-visible train wreck as I expected.

won’t the link on the OP cause undue stress for the hamsters?

pretty funny, though.

Thaanks, but I thought something was suspicious, and should’ve been able to figure it out.

Does no one believe in **garygnu’s ** sheer magnificence? I, for one, eagerly await each and every linked thread. I shall forgo all but what’s necessary to keep me upright and gazing at the computer.


Sorry. Might have been partly my fault.

I’m sure the mods would have closed it eventually anyway, but i reported it because i was getting sick of his attention-whoring. He really is more obsessed with getting attention than just about anyone else i’ve seen on these boards, and i think we’ve reached a stage where ignoring him would be far more productive than responding to his shit.

I’ve been… err, seen worse.