Come here, Assholes, I need to talk to you.

I recommend you guys read my new thread.


As for calling you an “asshole,” how do you know I was speaking to you specifically? There are plenty of people on this board that fit the description, including me. But if the shoe fits…


My conscience is clean. I simply asked if you were including me in your blanket condemnations. I asked because you chose to tar with a broad brush rather than calling out specific practices you felt were objectionable. Im afraid the category, “things dropzone doesn’t like” is not one with which I am, or care to be, familiar.

I do appreciate the irony of your calling people names while admonishing them to be considerate of others, though. Bravo. On the other hand, if you want to call me an asshole I suggest growing the *cajones[\i] required to do so directly. You haven’t mastered the tone required to make snide insinuations effective.

Oh goody, scary self-proclaimed evil flame throwers.


I must agree. The Pit has become somewhat woosified in the past couple of months. And I think it has to do with people posting here who, frankly, shouldn’t be here. They see this as just another forum to skip to from GQ or MPSIMS. And while for some (most?) people, that’s not a problem, for some it apparently is.

It’s my understanding that this is the place for gratuitous insults. You can rant on something benign and not board-related, but disagreements and ‘flame-wars’ between posters were originally meant to come here.

Some now-regular Pit denizens have probably never even seen a real mano-a-mano, blister-the-paint flame war between two posters. At one point it was raised to an art form. Some currently regular Pit-stoppers wouldn’t be able to handle even reading it, I’m sure. They’d be screaming, “Please stop! This isn’t right! Can’t we all get along? Feelings are going to be hurt!”

Then some people went down some roads they maybe shouldn’t have. Then the admins set guidelines and warnings for toning it down (which, thankfully, they use very sparingly). And, somewhere along the line, it became a kinder, gentler Pit.

This started out as a “You can’t beat up on my friends and get away with it” thread. I used Pit language and I wish I didn’t have to apologize for it, but I must. The issue has, however, evolved for me. As I researched the legal ramifications of what is very often said in the Pit I have come to realize that my actions were wrong. For me it has become “We (note the inclusiveness) cannot beat up on anybody and be guaranteed that we will get away with it.”

Most of the “impolite” discourse here is perfectly legal. Skewering trolls with intelligent rhetoric that does not stoop to words that would provoke “a common person of average intelligence” into fighting is fine. “Asshole,” obviously, does not pass that test. I apologize.

However, because some apparent bullies have chosen to take the approach that “This is the Pit! I can say anything I want and answer to nobody!” we have opened ourselves, as well as the board’s administration, to legal action. This is not good.

Read the site referenced in my other thread. Especially the sections on fighting words and hate speech.

Finally, you guys call what you do FLAMING?!?!? I’m unimpressed. :slight_smile:

dropzone, it has been SO nice having you here in the Pit. We’ve really enjoyed your company. You’ve definitely given us some valuable insights, and many issues to think about and ponder as time permits. We will seriously consider your recommendations about ways to improve both the atmosphere and our interrelations here. Thank you for coming.

Now, if you’ll step this way, over to the gatelabeled “Great Debates”, I think you’ll find that you have many other opportunities to interact with others. I must warn you, though, to watch your step, as the door tends to swing a bit wildly sometimes, and we wouldn’t want to you to be injured as you seek these new opportunities.


But it started out as a flame. I didn’t know it was going to get over-intellectualized. Doesn’t THAT count?

Ly-ynn! Necros is getting patronizing! :wink:

The problem with these threads is that they live too long. Long past the point where they are silly and irrelevent. I just can’t stay mad long enough to pull off something that lasts for days. And I should know better than to respond, since that just prolongs it.

But GD is so boring!

[Lawyerman hat ON]
Not one damn thing that is EVER posted in the Pit can ever be legally considered “fighting words”.

As you correctly quoted, DZ, “fighting words” are “those which by their very utterance inflict injury or tend to incite an immediate breach of the peace.” However, your interpretation is wrong.

  1. “inflict injury” - this means words that, if spoken to a reasonable person would cause them to attempt to knock your block off as soon as they heard it. The legal effect is that, if you speak such words to another, you can’t press charges if they assault you. Also, the police have the right to drag you away (but not arrest you) so as to prevent the other person from knocking your block off. If you hadn’t used fighting words, the police are obliged to drag the other person away to prevent him from knocking your block off without justification. So, this can’t happen here, as you’re not in the same room as the guy you’re pissing off.

  2. “Immediate” - this means no time exists for “the marketplace of ideas” (another legal term) to present opposing points of view and let cooler heads prevail. Again, can’t happen on the Web - by the web’s existence, opposing points of view are immediately available to the reader. IRL, this means that you can write ANYTHING in a book, for example.

  3. “breach of the peace” - this is always used in conjunction with “Immediate”. It means incitement to riot. Since on the Web, you do not have a mob physically present, there is no one to incite.

Listen, I don’t want to have to come down here again. Law and the Pit are diametrically opposed. It’s kinda like kryptonite, ya dig?

[Lawyer hat OFF]


So I can call anybody anything? I don’t have to worry about losing my house? Ooooh, the kid gloves are off, NOW!

But I’m not mad anymore. Takes the fun out of it.