Come on Eileen - DMR or Save Ferris

Thanks. I wish the OP had posted links, for those who aren’t familiar with both versions.

I wasn’t familiar with the Save Ferris version, so I had to watch the video on YouTube. I was impressed; it’s a very good cover. But I voted for the original, and if I had to give a reason, I’d say it’s because the original has a sound unlike any other pop record I know, while the cover sounds a lot like every other ska song from that particular wave of ska.

See, I like Third Wave Ska. It’s fun.

I only heard about Save Ferris and their version in this thread. As much as I like DMR Cum on Eileen, Save Ferris just blows them away. That girl can sing.

The “save Ferris” version sounds like tedious shite to me. A good voice does not a good song make.

Plus Dexys Midnight Runners are named after a drug, There is a banjo in their version…always a plus, and finally, I snogged Deborah Hocking to “Geno” when I was 11, I woo-ed her with a can of top-deck shandy and a bag of Tudor prawn cocktail crisps. I know how to treat a lady.

Fairly conclusive win for Dexys I reckon.

I had no idea it had been covered. I was prepared to hate it.

I didn’t. But I still like DMR’s version better.

Had never heard of Save Ferris or the cover. I liked the music but the singer is annoying. She o-ver-a-nun-ci-ates.

Dexy’s Midnight Runners without a second thought. I’m trying to forget most of Third Wave ska myself (even though I was somewhat into it at the time.) The cover of “Come On Eileen” is just terrible, in my opinion. A totally generic and predictable third-wave ska cover of an 80s hit. Ugh. Every other college ska band in the early mid 90s was doing this sort of shit. I’m somewhat ashamed I used to listen to that genre (although I do have a soft spot for some of the Mighty Mighty Bosstones work.)

‘Some of’ The Mighty Mighty Bosstones being the key. I just can’t get into the guy’s voice. From that era, I prefer Reel Big Fish.

I actually prefer the more hard punk/metal-y sounding bits of their sound and the gravelly, at-times-almost-death-metal voice. They were a little different sounding than the typical third wave bands, which is why I like them. Reel Big Fish were very good, overall a more solid band than the Bosstones, but they were a little too clean Southern California sounding for my tastes. However, overall, they were certainly the better band.

It’s a good cover, but Dexys for me too.

Nostalgia and gender (It’s a “shag me!” song).

She has a great voice and it was nice to make out the proper lyrics, but she just doesn’t have the grubby sex appeal that worked so well when I was seventeen.

I’m from Southern California.

West SOID!

DMR without a question, Save Ferris just sounds like a bad ska cover version to me.

I’d never hear the Save Ferris version until today. It’s fine on its own, but I very much prefer the original, which has always been a favorite.

I would have said DMR without hearing the cover just because it’s from my youth and it has a certain memory attached.

Then I heard the cover. How could there be any doubt? The beginning sounded like the old version sped up. Like a Chipmunks version. But the woman’s voice? I had to turn it off.

Okay, now that I’ve seen the Ferris version - it’s not bad. It’s a fun song, and they have fun with it. Their version has the advantage of making the lyrics comprehensible, too.

But I still like the DMR better, for it’s rougher vocals and nostalgic value.

I have always hated this song.

I liked DMR’s version well enough when it came out, but I’ve preferred the SF cover ever since I first heard it. But then maybe I’m a sucker for ska covers, because I also love the Reel Big Fish cover of Take On Me.

I have loved this song for a very long time, ever since I used to see ads for those '80s compilation CDs on TV when I was a kid. This one was always one of them and it showed a music video of this band dressed in the weirdest style. As I got older, I grew to appreciate the song more. It’s very unique sounding. What is this style? Is it English pre-war pop music or something? There’s a foxtrot beat during the bridge, I know that much. Interesting tempo/rhythm change.

No, no cover can really do it justice. The original has a very unique sound.

The Save Ferris version is OK (though nothing special, IMO*) for the first 3/4, then it falls apart at the end, which just doesn’t work at all.

  • Not a fan of recent ska in general…70s/80s stuff is my preference…some old school stuff.