Come on Thursday, top this


I’m playing badminton and my stupid doubles partner hits me in the friggin arm resulting in a big bruise and welt … When I yell “NO” because Its going out it doesn’t mean “I’m yelling NO but really mean YES, come and smack me with your racquet, knock me over and lose the point anyway.” Moron.
NB. he does this three more times during the game, but I manage to escape further injury (brain aneuirsm not withstanding).

Then I get home, stub my (little) toe on the door frame… wearing no shoes. I hop through the house swearing in between trying to breath. SO has the nerve to ask “Are you okay?” while staring at Shakira’s breats on TV.

Then put my slippers on… hhmmm…something doesn’t feel right… ow oowww OOWWWWOWWWW.
fuking spider… curled up in my slipper, out for blood. I deserve to get bitten on the foot for that. Yep.

And today It looks like I’m going to lose my job.



nothing more to say really, hope you are wrong about your job, (after all someone has to keep me in smokes at the next meldope)


I think Farkle pretty much covered it.

Oh, except your badminton story reminded me of playing racquetball with a couple of school buddies. One guy drilled the ball into the back of my thigh, giving me the most spectacular bruise I’ve ever seen (and I’m pretty much a non-bruiser). It was amazing - almost no colour in the middle, then a veritable rainbow of colour out to a diameter of about 6 inches, all in a perfect circle. Complete with a lumpy blood clot under the skin in the middle. That bastard took about 6 months to go away (the bruise, not the school buddy), and it even hurt to walk with that puppy on my leg.

Geez Tiger, so what you said at the Meldope has in fact come true. That’s a bastard, but think of it as opening a whole new world of opportunities…what you percieve to be a disaster in the short term can sometimes turn out to be a blessing in disguise.

Ok, OK, enough of the platitudes, I know.

And I’d certainly give your SO a swift kick in the goolies for ignoring your cries of pain. That’d teach the bugger! And one for your badminton partner too while you’re at it.
And go find every spider in the house and STOMP 'EM. If nothing else, it’ll make you feel better!

Take care and good luck. If all else fails, drink beer!

Aaww shucks, thanks guys. If you weren’t able to tell, I was a bit shitty earlier today. It’s kinda worn off.

About the job, I’m not really losing it, it’s moving up to Sydney and I don’t want to. But I get to go up there to train someone else for a few weeks and stay at nice hotels and eat and drink at their expense.

So I’ll screw the company for all I can then when I find a new job down here I’ll walk out. Yeah I know, It’s all good in theory right?

Well the SO did try to help, along the lines of “That was a stupid thing to do!” Well thanks for the hindsight brainy-one. Nah, no need to payback the badminton partner… someone got him for me in the next game!

My foot is now read, swollen and I have another hearbeat down there. I’ve got a can of mortein strapped to my waist as we speak.

um, that should be “my foot is now red

Can I go home now? :frowning: