Comedies You Thought Sucked, But Did Have One Hilarious Scene

Have you ever watched a comedy that you thought wasn’t worth the time but thought “But, there was that *one scene * that was fricking hilarious.”

I was reminded the other day of the film “Mickey Blue Eyes,” with Hugh Grant. The movie’s mostly terrible, but there is one scene where Grant’s character, an art auctioneer, has to auction off a painting done by a mobster in a laundering scheme. The mobster’s kind of nuts and his painting is a sort of cartoony/hyperrealistic depiction of Christ killing sinners with a machine gun. The painting’s hilarious, and the scene of Grant auctioning it off is hysterically funny.

You have any examples?

I painfully watched that turd, Dude, Where’s My Car when it came out on DVD. Just as I was about to stab my own brain with a fork, the scene at the drive through fast food joint came on.* I belly laughed. (or maybe it was just gas)

*“Aaand dennnnn?”
I know it’s really not comedy genius and it’s really the only scene I remember but I thought it was funny. (or maybe laughter is my brain’s self defense mechanism against violent fork attacks)

I hated the second Austin Powers movie, but I have to admit it had one funny moment.

Dr. Evil shows the clip of the White House blowing up from Independence Day. The President and his staff go nuts thinking it’s real.

Otherwise, a horrible movie.

War Games.” Horrible movie, but contains his gem that makes me giggle to this day, 20+ years later:

Mr. Liggett: Now there seems to be a lot of confusion on this next question - Asexual Reproduction. Could someone tell me please who first suggested the idea of reproduction without sex?
David Lightman: Ah-heh
[whispers to class-mates]
Mr. Liggett: [Turns around to see group of students giggling] Miss Mack! What is so amusing?
Jennifer: I…
Mr. Liggett: Alright, Lightman. Maybe you could tell us who first suggested the idea of reproduction without sex.
David Lightman: Umm… Your wife?
Mr. Liggett: Get out, Lightman. Get out.

Happy (Crappy) Gilmore : I can’t stand Adam Sandler, but I have to admit that the Bob Barker fight scene got a big laugh out of me.

Of course, that’s probably because I got great satisfaction out of seeing Sandler get his ass kicked!

I was not terribly amused by Dracula: Dead and Loving It, but this bit cracked me up (quote ripped from IMDB):

Renfield: Yes, I’m schh-eduled to meet Count Dracula.
Villager #1: [horrified] Dracula!
Villager #2: [horrified] Dracula!
Villager #3: [horrified] Dracula!
Villager #4: …Schh-eduled?

Still kills me to this day.

Bean. Worst movie ever. But at one point, Mr. Bean is guarding a collection of priceless art. He spills something on Whistler’s Mother. When he wipes it off, paint comes with it, so he removed the face. He ends up drawing the face back in, but in a really cartoony way.

I thought the 2nd AP movie was the best of the series–funny through-and-through. It was the 3rd that had just the one funny moment: Mini Me swithces sides, so insted of being dressed like a mini Dr. Evil, he’s dressed like a mini Austin Powers.

40 Year Old Virgin - for the most part I didn’t get what all the fuss was about, but the scene where he’s getting waxed and uncontrollably curses and insults the waxer and then apologizes profusely each time is funny.

My Blue Heaven was a snoozer, but for a couple of Steve Martin scenes. His “interrogation” at the police station, and his flirting with a woman in the freezer section of a supermarket are worth watching the whole movie for.

Actually, I felt the same way about “Mickey Blue Eyes,” except that the only scene I thought was gold was when the artist-mobster (the one played by John Ventigmilia) has been shot dead, and James Caan and Hugh Grant have to get rid of the body. James Caan tells Hugh Grant to go get some plastic bags; Hugh goes into the kitchen and comes back with the most charmingly adorable little baggie.

Employee of the Month (not the Jessica Simpson movie which I’m sure also sucked by a 2004 film) was a horrible, horrible movie. However, there’s a scene where a stripper is giving Steve Zahn’s character Jack a lapdance while talking in a stereotypical Valley-girl bubblegum voice about how, when she was a kid, her mother murdered the stripper’s father & mistress before committing suicide. The music stops and the stripper asks “Do you want another? It gets better” to which Jack says something like “Better than a Christmas double homicide and suicide? I doubt it!”

Horrible movie, but his delivery on that line made me laugh out loud.

Yep, that was the scene. I still crack up whenever anyone mentions it.

“And dennnnn?”
“No ‘and then’!”

John Ritter was in a forgettable Blake Edwards movie called Skin Deep in the 80’s about which the only thing I can remember is one hilarious scene featuring glow-in-the-dark condoms. Ritter is about to have sex with some chick and she gives him a luminescent condom to wear. The lights go out and the screen goes black. The woman’s boyfriend then returns home unexpectedly and he’s wearing his own glowing condom. a chase and a fight ensues during which all that is visible on the screen is two glowing cocks racing and scrambling and diving and bouncing around in total blackness. It’s a singularly great scene in an otherwise mediocre comedy.

I didn’t think ILittle Miss Sunshine sucked, but I didn’t really laugh at loud until the final scene, when the little girl starts thrusting her chest and the whole family follows.

I think what you really meant to say here was “penis ensues.” :smiley:

Mine would be “Something about Mary”. I thought most of the movie was pretty boring, but the scene where he’s caught in his zipper on prom night had me laughing so hard I could barely breathe.

Clerks II isn’t great but the scene where the guy explains his problem with the Lord of The Rings movies is comedy GOLD!

I’ll spoiler this, since it’s still in the theaters, but Rush Hour 3 is an absolute dog turd of a film. It’s painfully unfunny. However,during the closing credits, they do a montage of outtakes (as they always do in Jackie Chan movies), and during the montage, they do five or six takes in a row of the scene where Jackie suggests they order a “dirty movie” in their hotel room to loosen up Genevieve. It was a chuckler in the actual film, but the outtakes, where Jackie keeps professing to like increasingly outlandish things, it was actually the funniest thing in the movie…which is pretty sad, when you think about it. :wink:

The ratio of screentime-to-laughs in the Austin Powers movies is pretty damned high, but I laughed out loud when Michael Caine, as Austin’s dad, said something like, “There are two things I hate: Irrational prejudice based on national origin, and the Dutch!”

I read that it was really Steve Carrel’s hair… oooh.