Comedy album advice needed

I have an upcoming 6-hour road trip (this thursday the 25th) and back again on Sunday, another 6 hours.

We like to listen to comedy CDs in the car on trips, but I’m not sure what to buy to expand our collection.
So, I’m going to list our favorite comics and with luck you all will have suggestions on who else we might like.
Our faves:

Jim Gaffigan
John Pinette
Bill Engvall
Denis Leary
George Carlin (but not a lot at a time)
old Bill Cosby

Any suggestions?

Mitch Hedberg - Strategic Grill Locations and Mitch All Together. His posthumous CD is not as good.

Damn, beaten to my favorite on the first reply.

I do the same thing on long trips. Based on your likes, I would recommend Patton Oswalt and David Cross.

There’s always good ol’ Steve Martin. His comedy albums are different, but fantastic. If you don’t mind going old school, Eddie Murphy’s Delirious is an old favorite (what the hell happened to Eddie Murphy?!)

Some others that usually get mentioned on the Dope: Mitch Hedberg and Eddie Izzard. (on preview, seeee!!!)

And if you’ve never listened to Bill Hicks, he’s a little dated, but damn good.

Definitely second Patton Oswalt. “Werewolves and Lollipops” is fantastic from start to finish, with huge replay potential.

I’ve also liked what I’ve heard of Louis CK, but I haven’t heard that much (just on interviews and short clips and the like).

Lewis Black’s White Album is among my favorites. He has a Carlin-esque ability to be enraged and absolutely goofy in the space of a minute or two.

Oh, and Eddie Izzard - Dress to Kill. I forgot to mention him because I assume he is a given on any list of great comedians.

Brian Regan

Mitch Hedberg

Excellent! I’ll be previewing as many of these as possible on iTunes and making some purchases. I just have to remember to leave myself enough time to burn CDs. Not sure if the rental car will have a line-in for my iPod.
Mitch Hedberg
Bill Hicks
David Cross
Patton Oswalt
Louis CK
Lewis Black’s White Album
Eddie Izzard - Dress to Kill
Brian Regan

I may have to get Eddie Murphy - it’s been a long time since I’ve heard/seen Delirious!

I’ll be checking back tonight and tomorrow!

Another vote for Jim Gaffigan
Also for Patton O. Saw him do the “Death Bed” bit last night, cracked me up.
Greg Giraldo
Richard Jeni

Eddie Izzard
Patton Oswalt
Sam Kinison
Robert Schimmel
Bill Burr
Brian Regan
Dave Attell
David Cross

National Lampoon: That’s Not Funny, That’s Sick!

I’m a big fan of:

Kathleen Madigan - hometown favorite but very funny
Louis CK
Patton Oswalt

Ooh, I forgot Louis.

Besides what’s already been mentioned, I’ll add:

David Sedaris: Live at Carnegie Hall/Holidays on Ice
Steven Wright: I Have a Pony
And I’ll lose some “cool points” for mentioning this, but…Dane Cook. Yes, I know he’s a hack/thief/poser/whatever, but there’s also a reason for his popularity. If you can get over the cocky persona, he’s quite entertaining. Shut up.

I forgot, a bit of comedy music:

Camille West: Diva’s Day Off. She’s a former 4 Bitchin’ Babe who penned “Viagra in the Water” and the rest of the album is quite good.

Stephen Lynch

I’ve also been listening to Steve Dublanica (The Waiter)'s “Waiter Rant” which is quite amusing.

Julia Sweeney’s “God Said Ha!” is hilarious but also has touching and sad moments. I highly recommend it if you like the bittersweet.

Special for Motorgirl*, I’ve temporarily enabled the “allow free download” option on the Comedy Songs on my MySpace page.

On preview, I’m still not seeing any kind of “Download this Song” button- maybe it’s just slow to update. (Note: I did not enable the Download option on the first song “Draw Me Nude”, that’s a rough demo- I can’t bring myself to allow a download of a recording badly in need of polishing.)

If you can find a “download” button when you visit the page, they’re yours- enjoy your trip!

Of course, you’re welcome to purchase the whole album on iTunes if you’d like. But, if you can make the MySpace download work- have at it.
Wanna taste before taking the time to download? I suggest starting with:
“Jesus Said He Loves You”
if you enjoy that try . . .
“Erin Gray”
“Keep it Funky”

If you’re still enjoying yourself, just go ahead and download them all.
Link to bienville’s MySpace Page where his COMEDY SONGS are temporarily available for FREE DOWNLOAD
(again, at the time I’m typing this I don’t see a “Download this Song” button- might be updating)
Search Artist Name: SexySexy Joe Lavelle
Search Album Title: More Popular Than Reagan
*And, I suppose if any Dopers not going on a road trip want to download, that’s o.k. too.

I like Russell Peters

Firesign Theater might provide some yucks. Shoes for Industry. We’re All Just Bozos on This Bus. Actually Big Bambu/Cheech y Chong is pretty good.

I bought Richard Pryor’s 10 CD compilation right after he died. I’ve enjoyed it thoroughly.

Do not listen to
Richard Pryor
in the car. You will cause a wreck.

some of the best money I ever spent