Comedy Central Goes Blue

When did this happen?

I was watching a Greg Giraldo stand-up special and was surprised to hear “shit”, “motherfucker” and other such words with no bleeping, not even partial.

What time of day was it? I’ve noticed that they will have a sliding scale of acceptable words depending on time of day and IIRC aired the South Park movie uncut late night.

I was late, definitely past 2 am. I usually don’t watch the channel that late, so for all I know they’ve allowed this for years.

They don’t don’t censor language late at night. I don’t know exactly what time - midnight, I think - but they show a lot of movies and standup specials without the bleeps in the wee hours. They’ve shown the South Park movie uncensored several times.

I was surprised the other night to hear Tosh go on a ‘motherfucker’ laden rant late at night when I’d seen the same episode a few hours before and it was bleeped. Mainly I thought “After 2 already?”

Keep in mind that they might also have aired Greg’s special uncensored due to his recent death. I mean, probably not, but it’s a thought.

There was an infamous South Park episode from several years ago where they said “shit” 162 times.

Also, Daily Shows and Colberts will have less language bleeped when they originally air at 11pm then they do at their 7.30 rebroadcast.

Yes, Comedy Central does air material completely uncensored for language after about 1:00 AM. They still edit out most nudity from films, however. They promote this as their “Secret Stash.” This has been going on since 2003. Among other things, they have run “South Park, Bigger, Longer, & Uncut,” “Team America: World Police,” “Clerks 2,” and the roast of William Shatner, all uncensored.

I pretty much always watch these two online.*
Seems everything that would be bleeped for 7:30 is bleeped when I watch online. I had just always assumed the same bleeps were in place for the 11:00/11:30pm original airings. Not the case?

*for years, always on their own websites, but now on Hulu since Comedy Central has significantly upped the number of ads. How do they make money from additional ads if the effect is I stop watching on their site and watch on Hulu instead? The mind boggles.

I’m pretty sure I have noticed some words not being bleeped at 11 that are bleeped at 7.30, but I watch them on itunes these days as I’m not in the US and they bleep everything as well.

Comedy Central regularly run two versions of everything. Most of the time you hear the bleeps. Late at night - and maybe only on weekends - they’ll tell you that this is an unedited version, rated TV-MA, and you get the proper show. They’ve been doing this as long as I can remember.

I really wish they’d stop bleeping shows online. It’s irritating. Does the FCC have control over what networks post on their website since it isn’t being sent over the air or on cable/satellite?

The FCC has no control over cable, only networks. CC censors only because it thinks its advertisers or viewers would be upset if they didn’t do so. And nobody has any control over the internet.

Oh hey, they’re back on Hulu! I was peeved when Comedy Central took TDS and Colbert off Hulu, and I’ve gotten used to watching them on their own websites. But the new player they’re using is pure crap; it’ll frequently jump from a random point in a segment to the next commercial break, skipping several minutes’ worth of show.

Yeah, the most blatant one I remember was a few years back when the interview was Harry G. Frankfurt, author of the book On Bullshit. For the 11:00 broadcast, they did not censor the title of the book nor, if I remember correctly, use of the word “bullshit” in the context of discussing the book. For the repeats the next day they bleeped every reference to the word (and pixellated the title, I believe).