Comedy Central to air "Scrubs" Reruns in the Fall!

SWEET! I was worried it wouldn’t go into syndication until 2006!

So, I get my Scrubs fix in the Fall after all!

Excellent. There are still a few first-season episodes I’ve never seen.


Hell, by then I might have watchable season 1 DVDs.

Umm…the link says the syndication won’t start until next fall. 2006, in other words.

Dambit. You’re right. It even says in the text I quoted “2006.” :smack:

Sorry. I just got excited. Go back to your families. Nothing to see here…

No, this is worth excitement. It doesn’t matter how long the wait. More Scrubs is always worth excitement. :smiley:

Sure. But we knew EVENTUALLY, they’d hit syndication.

I am so ashamed.

I think what happened was that I saw what I wanted to see and though I kept reading the article, I was already drafting this thread in my mind…

Congrats to Scrubs for (finally) earning some Emmy love with a Best Comedy and Best Lead Actor nomination. Nothing for the perpetually ignored John C. McGinley, though.

The cynic in me, of course, suspects that the only reason it’s getting attention so late in its run is because of Braff’s award-winning run with Garden State, as if that somehow gave him and the show some artistic street cred that it was missing earlier.

No matter, though. Hope this news and the CC reruns helps the show’s ratings and visibility…

You want cynical? As much as I love Scrubs, they only got nominated because perennial Emmy favorites Frasier, Friends, and Sex in the City are (finally, thankfully!) over.

Yeah, that’s a good point. I think the only other show out there that they might have rationalized a spot for (based on previous years’ worth, not today’s) was Malcolm in the Middle.

But Arrested, Raymond, W&G and Housewives did constitute 100% of the Editing & Writing nods, 23 of the 30 acting nods, and a majority of the directing and casting nods. Scrubs was definitely the afterthough inclusion from a very thin field (Heck, Two and a Half Men got 2 acting nominations itself!).