Comedy metal music

Am I the only one who thinks this is a good idea? Music with the hardness of metal, but with upbeat, funny lyrics. Has anyone ever done it before? If so, who?

Hello Cleveland!


You could try Green Jello’s Three Little Pigs.

There’s always Spinal Tap…

Check out Tenacious D, Green Jelly and Scatterbrain. And yes, Spinal Tap.

Years ago, a band called Blotto had a few songs that fell into the category of comic metal. Their most famous songs was a Beach Boys parody called “I Wanna Be a Lifeguard,” but their second most famous song was the comical “Metalhead” (which featured a few members of Blue Oyster Cult, as I recall).

Yeah try Motorhead. Good old Lemmy has tons of funny stuff in his lyrics. A lot of it is the dry British humor though so if you don’t like that stuff then you may not think it’s too funny. But with songs like Love me Like a Reptile and I’ll be your Sister you know it’s got to be good.

S.O.D. (Stormtroopers of Death!!!)
Members include Billy Milano, former M.O.D. frontman on vocals, Scott Ian & Charlie Benante of ANTHRAX fame playing guitar & drums respectively and bassist Danny Lilker from BRUTAL TRUTH.
Song Titles Include:
The Crackhead Song
*Kill The Assholes *
*Celtic Frosted Flakes *
*The Song That Don’t Go Fast *
*Fuck The Middle East *
Douche Crew
plus many more hilarious others and the music rocks!

NP: Six Feet Under - Warpath

As mentioned, Scatterbrain, S.O.D., Green Jello(y) are great for humorous lyrics. I don’t really count Spinal Tap as a real band since they are made up.

Murphy’s Law has some funny songs, and Mucky Pup is a hysterical band, although they are both a little more hardcore than metal.

Another vote for the sublime acoustic metal duo, Tenacious D which is hilarious. On their HBO show before they came on stage they had a guy read an introduction that read: “Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, and Molly Hatchet could not be here tonight, but they all had sex and are pleased to announce the birth of their two-headed baby, Tenacious D.” They will rock your socks off…

If the acoustic angle isnt for you, theres a band called Anal Cunt which is funny metal. Although their comedy is more insulting then amusing. They have songs called “I Gave NAMBLA Pictures Of Your Kid,” “I Intentionally Ran Over Your Dog”, and “You Went To See Everclear And Dishwalla (You’re Gay).”

Who can forget the legendary Lawnmower Deth, with their classic hits Flying Killer Cobs From The Planet Bob, Fascist And Tubby (F.A.T.) and Did you spill my pint?.

They also once did a split record with another comedy group called Metal Duck which I’ve never heard.

Ooooooooooooooh Crikey!

Check out GWAR. Hilarious stuff, but very raunchy. Well, hilarious stuff if you think raunchy stuff is hilarious, of course. I haven’t heard anythign by them since their third album some years ago, but from what I understand they still have the same schtick: space aliens bent on dominating the earth.

Goes back a decade, but a band called “Lord Tracy” did some metal (quite good metal, IMO, although I’m not much of a metal fan) that was about 1/2 ‘serious’ and 1/2 ‘goofy.’ They even threw in a mock rap song or two. The album was “Deaf Gods of Babylon”

I’m surprised anyone still remembers Blotto.

The Bonzo Dog Band toyed with heavy metal with “You Done My Brain In.”

Wait a minute. You’re telling me all heavy metal isn’t supposed to be funny??

Holy crap, I’d forgotten all about Lawnmower Deth. Satan’s Trampoline was a good tune too.

Oh my…I own most of the albums mentioned in this thread…

I heartily recommend Manowar–though I’ve this nagging suspicion they may not have intended to be so funny. One of their, er, high points was on the album “Triumph of Steel,” in the rousing anthem of “Metal Warriors.” Featuring such moving lyrics as:

Heavy metal!
Or no metal at all!
Wimps and posers…leave the hall!

Got to play it louder!
All men play on ten!
[unless you’re Spinal Tap --ed.]
If you’re not into metal…
You are not my friend!

Good stuff.

Me too. Isn’t it great!

Am not sure, but does Hayseed Dixie count as metal? I’ve heard bits and pieces of their AC/DC covers done in the bluegrass style, and all I can say is hilarious.

Eh, I’ve never cared much for humor-metal. Although if there is one band to claim the title, SOD would be the band. Too bad Billy Milano is a 3rd rate @sshole, due to some recent events with the Anthrax “Behind the Music” - SOD is officially dead.

And Drastic I think the funniest thing with Manowar is that both the band and their die-hard fans are 100% serious…