Comedy Tribute Band Names........

I just found out the line up for my girlfriends University summer ball has a tribute band playing, they are called ‘The Redhot Silly Feckers’. Now this just cracked me up, are they some sort of Cornish, scrumpy drinking Chilli Peppers tribute? May be, who knows. I also thought it might be a laugh if we all listed some of the more amusing tribute band names out there. Heres mine:

Red Hot Silly Feckers - Red Hot Chilli Peppers

Almost Quo - Status Quo

Darren Darren - Duran Duran.

You guys have any more?

Dread Zeppelin

There’s also The Grateful Dread, The Dread Kennedys, and a few other Dreads I can’t think of right now.

If you mean tributes to comedy, as opposed to tributes to bands, “Toad the Wet Sprocket” was named after something said in a Monty Python sketch.

I’ve been seeing flyers around here for Lynyrd’s Innards. I don’t know if they’re a Skynyrd tribute band or not. Like the world needs more of Freebird. :rolleyes:

The Whom?

‘The Whom’ - classic! So it looks like they may be thin on the ground then, should we try making up our own crappy tribute band names? I thought of one for a band that was a tribute to ‘Free’, it’s a bit shit…‘Gratis’.

A couple of parody bands I’ve seen:

Status Who
The Heebiejeebies

There’s a Smith’s tribute band called Sweet and Tender Hooligans

There’s and all female AC/DC tribute band called AC/DShe

One for Joy Division called Joy Revision

slight hijack:
One of my favorite ever titles for a tribute album
a Tribute to Led Zeppelin called The Song Retains the Name

There exists an excellent Beatles tribute band called The Eggmen. I heard them live on the radio one morning - they were guests on the morning show. They performed Yellow Submarine, including creating all of the background soud effects live in the studio. It was nearly flawless…

I’ve also heard of a U2 tribute band called The Joshua Three.

A colleague of mine mentioned seeing a band advertised called 'Non Jovi, that made me chuckle!

I’ve seen flyers for gigs for a group called No Way Sis who are (I believe) an Oasis tribute band

There’s an all female tribute band to Iron Maiden called The Iron Maidens.

Let us not forget the all-bluegrass AC/DC cover band Hayseed Dixie.

In Scotland there’s Mac Sabbath!

REO Speedealer. Too bad those Speedwagon pricks made them drop the REO.

Sorry, they’re not really a tribute band. Still a damn funny name though.