Punny tribute bands: Create your own!

Pubic Enemy: Tribute band featuring porn stars

Alice in Stains: Tribute band featuring dry cleaners

ABBA O’Reilly: Who tribute band performing and singing in the style of ABBA

The Who, What, When, Where and Why: The Who tribute band made up of beat reporters

Bled Zeppelin: Tribute band made up of hematologists

Queen Day: Drag queens covering Queen songs in the style of Green Day

Drain Drain: Duran Duran cover band featuring plumbers

Dread Zeppelin: Tribute band playing Led Zeppelin songs in reggae style with an Elvis impersonator lead singer. Oh, wait.

100^2 Maniacs - featuring all mathematicians

The almost Police - featuring mall security guards

Jethro Dull - the all accountant cover band

The Who Dey? - A Who cover band made up exclusively of people kicked out of famous bands before they hit big.

The Why - A Bay City Rollers cover band that dresses as KISS

KISS - because seriously…

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Chicksie Dicks - Three men in drag performing Country music by Natalie Maines, et al.

Eccentric Right Orchestra - Band made up of evangelical Republicans, playing all the classical themes: “No Abortion,” “Tax Breaks For The Rich,” “A Christian Nation,” “Same Ol’, Same Ol’,” etc…

Faking Back Sunday

The Beagles - a group of Beatles impersonators covering Eagles songs. Or maybe the other way around.

^ Why not both? :smiley:

Six Pastels - Sex Pistols cover band that dresses as 80’s Don Johnson and perform all songs as muzak/elevator style.

The Django-gos. Swing jazz arrangements of Go-gos songs, plus girl-power-pop mixes of jazz standards.

Deep Urkel - Moody, symphonic rock performed by a team of Jaleel White impersonators.

Hayseed Dixie - a bluegrass band that covers AC/DC… wait, they actually exist.

I didn’t get that play on words until just now. :smack:


Whores With No Name - group of anonymous prostitutes covering America’s greatest hits.

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Tenacious Free - two fat guys paying tribute to Paul Rodgers, and also to two fat guys

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Offspring Offspring: Offspring cover band featuring the kids of the original band

The Steve Miller Orchestra: Steve Miller tribute band done in the style of Glenn Miller

Metallicab for Cutie: Metallica tribute band in the style of Death Cab for Cutie.

Mariah Heep…crazy-ass diva sings classic rock

Vice Presidents of the United States of America…band of forgotten halves of music duos (Garfunkel, Oates (and yes, I know about Garfunkel and Oates) that sing about peaches and brain tumors

Great White…band of KKK members and neo-Nazis

Casting Crowns…band of dental appliance manufacturers