You're starting a tribute band--what group and what's the name?

Say you’re starting a tribute band to your favorite group. What’s your group and what’s the name? Current bands are fair game.

I would be a Ben Folds (Five) tribute called “The Unauthorized Biography of Ben Folds”, a play on their album “TUBO Reinhold Messner”.

An either all-bearded or all-buff line-up to honour 80s Eurovision supremos Bobby Gee, Mike Nolan, Jane Aston and Cheryl Baker, so it could be called Bucks Fuzz.

Rat Trap - THE Boomtown Rats experience.

Okay, we’d be a failure from a commercial point of view, but we’d have fun.

AC/DC. thunderstruck. i’d be malcolm. how fun would that be?

Butthole Surfers…
“I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butthole”

Ladies and gentlemen, give it up for …
Marley’s Ghost

The Bonzo Dog Band, of course. There are any of several possibilities, but I’d go with The Urban Spacemen.

Actually, that’s not a bad name for any band.

A Spinal Tap tribute band. We’d be called “Smell the Glove,” or possibly “Shit Sandwich.” I would be Nigel, of course.

This idea was suggested to me by my brother long ago. I’m not taking credit (or blame - sic) for it, but I always thought it might work. Any way, the band would be called “The Living Dead.” All the members of the band would start their sets decked out like deceased classic rock stars: A lead guitarist dressed like Jimi Hendrix, a bassist looking like Jaco Pastorius, a drummer like Keith Moon, a guy lead singer like Buddy Holly, and a girl lead singer like Janis Joplin. Naturally they’d do cover songs from each of the artists they look like. If they could work out some quick costume changes, they could do a gradual progression of rock history and cover the history of rock & roll deaths: Jim Morrision, Duane Allman, Sid & Nancy, John Lennon, Marvin Gaye, Jerry Garcia, Selena, Joey Ramone… imagine the possibilities!


hey Art- in vegas, thats called “Legends in Concert” and lots of people pay lots of money to see it–

my tribute band? “Maybe”- a tribute to Yes. (i wanna be steve howe but cant play the guitar!)

or “Fools Do It”-- a tribute to Rush. i’ll play bass when i learn, but i cant sing like Geddy!

How about the “Rutting Beatles?”
Or the “Dixie Drags?”
Or “McJagger and the Mossbacks?”
Or “They Might be Slightly Taller Than Average?”

Image of Experience, a tribute to the Jimi Hendrix Experience.

During a drunken discussion, friends and I came up with the “Cheese Beatles”. All Beatles songs except with the word cheese inserted in them. Songs like:

Happiness is a Warm Cheese
Please Cheese Me
I Want to Hold Your Cheese
Norwegian Cheese

and our piece de resistance,

Everybody’s Got Something to Hide Except Me and My Cheese

I’d do a Savage Garden tribute band and name it Skull-Fucking your Grandmother. Maybe we’ll do Mozart instead?

The Smoking Popes… What ya never hear-a-dem? Lameasses!
The band name would be “Rubella Survivors” or " I Blame Jesus for Breaking Up My Favorite Band"

Maybe…“The Midnight Moons”

You could “cover” a lot of ground with this name:

The One-Hit Wonders

Covering The Who are…

The What
Starring Robert Dalbush
Paul Citysend
Jim Entblow
Kevin Lunar
Will Get Fooled Again
Who Am I
Magic Train
Pinball Failure

AC/DC: (All girls) Hell’s Belle’s (a little obvious, I know)

Romola… Done and done.

Hells Belles, the all-female AC/DC tribute band is quite popular in the Seattle music scene.

The female angus young was apparently in the running to be the new Limp Bizkit member.