Comic Book Crossovers-Can it go too far?

DC Comics and Hanna Barbera are putting out a series of annuals in March that team up their company’s characters. Now, I can maybe see a team-up between Adam Strange and Jonny Quest and the Space Ghost/Green Lantern book sounds promising, and the Booster Gold/Flintstones matchup sorta works because they’re both a bit goofy…but Suicide Squad/Banana Splits?? That sounds like an April Fool’s joke gone flat.

Ooh, oh, how about Scooby-Doo vs Scarecrow?

I almost fell asleep twice reading the phrase “Snagglepuss is a Southern gothic playwright working with an ensemble cast of cultural figures, exploring an intensely creative time in the New York City theater scene of the 1950’s.”

Currently the DC/Hanna B group is doing a post-apocalyptic Scooby Gang story line, so maybe Darkseid as a villain?

I dunno, Atom Ant*, Secret Squirrel, the Herculoids and – I guess – Hong Kong Phooey could work. Maybe Captain Caveman, too. And the Powerpuff Girls are technically latter day H-B.

*I mean, I consider him pretty bad-ass

Hey, Archie Meets the Punisher and Superman and Bugs Bunny were actually good (to me and many others, but YMMV), so why not?

But regarding the title of the thread, I thought that comic book crossovers went too far after “Millenium” and “Secret Wars 2.”

The first comic book I ever bought (as opposed to having mommy buy one for me – Casper the Friendly Ghost and all) was Marvel Feature with Red Sonja, no. 5. At the end, Conan the Barbarian pops up.

I was shocked. I didn’t know that was legal! :eek:

I always knew the Anti-Life Equation was “Jinkies!”

If these are being released in March, does that mean they’ll have a cover date of April 1? Because that’s the only way my brain can process The Banana Splits living in the same universe as Harley Quinn.

I picked up a copy of the latter series, probably the third or fourth in the four-issue run, during which Mr. Mxyzptlyk transports the Looney Tune characters to the DC universe to interact with the Justice League.

I thought it was pretty great, especially when Daffy Duck got to stand in for Batman.

Supervillain: “I surrender! I surrender!”
Daffy, in ill-fitting Batman suit: “That’s good, on account of I was gonna hafta MUSS YOU UP.”

hell the first graphic novel i ever seen was a gi joe and transformer crossover run … and in the post movie transformers cartoon cobra commander makes an appearance or two (quite jolting to hear commander and starscream plot together since the’re the same voice …)

although in the 50s and 6os dc was fodder for LT parody I wonder what they thought when warners bought dc in the 70s…

I liked the scene where Alfred politely queried Master Bruce as to why he spent the previous evening bouncing around the Batcave hollering “Woo–woo! Woo-woo!”

They can go too far, but this ain’t an example. (BTW, DC and HB are the same company. DC’s a division of Warner, and HB is a brand owned by Warner.)

Ridiculous crossovers are the best crossovers, and crossovers that exist exclusively within their own minis/one-shots can’t go too far by definition.

Crossovers between ongoing books that take place over a year and force all the books in the line to take part…that’s too far. (I’m looking at you, Secret Wars, and I’m side-eyeing Forever Evil.)

Yeah, there’s a difference between interesting ideas and just getting greedy.

If you want to have a few issues of Squirrel Girl vs The Punisher, that’s great. OTOH, if you want to make it so nobody can follow a continuity without buying a dozen issues a month and maybe making a flowchart or two, that’s just destroying future profitability in the name of soaking the few remaining serious fans for all they’re worth. That’s the kind of crap that gives mainstream comic books a bad name even among people who generally like superhero books and the mainstream heroes.

So “too far” isn’t about who’s involved. You can potentially write good books with any mix of characters. It’s about how much respect the companies have for the fans, and how much these crossovers are blatant ploys to get fans to buy endless amounts of issues just to be able to keep up with the one continuity they actually care about.

There’s already Future Quest. Johnny Quest & Co. are currently teaming up with Space Ghost, the Herculoids, the Impossibles, Frankenstein Jr., Birdman, Mightor and the Galaxy Trio. Apparently the comic is selling, so adding in the main DC heroes is an obvious next step.

Are you kidding me? Snagglepuss as Tennessee Will… uh, Lillian Hellman. Comedy gold Jerry.

Where’s the Jabberjaw/Aquaman team up? No respect!