Comic book geeks and The Family Circus

I was reading my daily paper hitting the comics section when today’s (11/1/08) Family Circus caught my eye.

The gist of the panel was that the kids were going back in costume trick or treating to a house no one was at the night before. Original, right? :rolleyes:

Well, I was looking at their costumes - Jeffy was Batman, Dolly was a teacher/schoolmarm, but Billy - at first I was thinking maybe he was supposed to be a Transformer of some kind or maybe a Power Ranger-esque type character, but as I kept looking at it, I couldn’t shake the thought that his costume looked very much like a Celestial from Marvel Comics…

Unfortunately I can’t provide a link because they don’t show the strip on the web unless it’s two weeks old if you don’t have a subscription to King Feature’s comic service - but if there’s anyone out there that can tell me I’m not crazy and it’s not just some new kid’s hero that I’m woefully out of the loop on, I would really appreciate it.

Looks like he’s wearing an Iron Man costume. We had quite a few of those come to our door last night.

Yep, according to The Comics Curmudgeon, Iron Man/guy in a Kangol hat.

Incidentally, Josh interprets Dolly as Sarah Palin.

The official color version colors Billy’s outfit as blue and red, so I was thinking it was Tron at first. But Iron Man makes sense.

And is Dolly really a schoolmarm or Sarah Palin?

It’s Iron Man, but miscoloured. The red parts coloured blue, the gold/silver bits as red…

Friday’s Panel.

Saturday’s Panel.

I’m not even a Marvel fan, and I knew Billy was Iron Man. Dolly as Sarah Palin was pretty obvious, too.

Just hearing of this makes me miss the Dysfunctional Family Circus even more. Dolly dresses up as Sarah Palin? Potential comedy gold!

Iron Man :smack:

I knew I was missing something obvious…
I’ll just go over in the corner here and lie down…