Who Is Billy (Family Circus) Suppose To Be

If you look at these cartoons from Halloween
Family Circus Halloween

Family Circus Nov 1st

I see Dolly is Sarah Palin and Jeffy is Batman, but who is Billy? I thought Spiderman but that ain’t right

Iron Man?

Yes, I haven’t gotten any sleep since these cartoons came out, wondering, just who–oh who–could Billy be?

(Actually, it looks like some superhero, with the mask off.)

Yep, Iron Man.

At first, I thought Tron, but the second cartoon is clearly Iron Man.

I’d agree, except that the colors are all wrong, so it may be the more generic Iron Guy or Metal Dude.

I’d imagine Iron Man’s appearance is trademarked, so it may be he didn’t have permission to use him, and so went for something that sort of looks like Iron Man but is sufficiently different - the colors - to spoof a lawsuit.

FWIW, Family Circus is run in black and white in the Tampa Trib and I had no problem recognizing him as Ironman.

Here’s the Comics Curmudgeon’s take on it.


We had a thread on this before- Iron Man it is indeed. I’m guessing the error in color is the fault of the coloring company- I don’t think the cartoonists color their own daily strips, unlike Sundays, but I could be wrong.

Definitely Iron Man.

Could a mod fix the thread title? Kids could be reading this.

I dunno if Circus is ever that topical. I think she’s just supposed to be a generic librarian.

The strip ran in black in white in my local paper, and I could tell Billy was Iron Man, but it took me a couple extra seconds to figure it out.

But I didn’t catch that Dolly was palin…I thought she was just supposed to be a lil’ ol’ lady? I seem to recall the black and white strip rendering her hair grey.

Yup. Here’s the thread about it.